Minecraft Xbox One Release Date Is Near, Certificate Testing Begins

After months of hard work and dedication, the people at 4J studios have officially submitted Minecraft Xbox One edition to Microsoft for certificate testing process.

All that has to be done now is to wait for the testing team to play the game on the new console, confirm it doesn’t have any glaring bugs and approve it for release. The news was revealed by 4J studios in their official Twitter account. The team earlier submitted Minecraft PS4 edition to Sony for certificate testing which got rejected due to some issues. They have re-submitted it again after making the said changes.

We do hope that such issues don’t happen with the Xbox One version of the game. It is taking more time than expected, because developers are slowly getting a hang of the new generation console and its architecture. The game is expected to get launched with all the title updates that have got released so far on the Xbox 360 platform. The team has confirmed that the maps are going to be a lot bigger than they used to be in the older generation console with improved textures, graphics and game play features.

Certificate Testing

Usually, whether it is Microsoft or Sony, it takes a minimum of a week before they could approve a game for release. But, when it comes to approving the Minecraft Xbox One edition, they may easily take two weeks or more. The one week time slot is often applicable only for title updates that got released on the Xbox One platform. However, when it comes to approving a whole new game which is coming to the new generation platform for the first time, the team would invest more hours to make sure it runs right.

After all, the fate of Minecraft largely relies on how good it runs on the new generation platform so that players would support it and it gains a huge database. When the title first got released on Xbox 360, it was with obvious risks that Mojang took the first step. They were not sure whether the game would make a mark on consoles as it did on PCs; but it did prove its mettle which has now paved way for the next gen console to receive it as well.

Save Transfers, Title Updates and More

With the Minecraft Xbox One, players will not only be able to enjoy the game in great resolutions but will also be experiencing the title in full 1080p glory. Mojang or 4J haven’t made this announcement official but we do hope that it is easily possible. The game developers have also decided to do their best and are planning to release an update which will allow save transfers.

You will be able to transfer all your progress, purchases, maps and creations to the new Xbox One console which favors an easy shift. This feature is expected to keep players feeling comfortable than having to start off from scratch. Minecraft Xbox One is also expected to launch with all the title updates that have got released so far.

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