Minecraft PS4 Submitted For Final Cert Testing

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Get ready to rejoice! Minecraft PS4 has been submitted to Sony, again, for final cert testing by 4J studios.

The team is keeping its fingers crossed and waiting eagerly for the company to confirm their final build. Originally, 4J made the submission to Sony on August 12th but after going through the game, the review team found that there are some issues that need to be fixed, before a final release can be confirmed. A week later, it was sent back to 4J to fix the bugs. We assume that the team did their best to fix the problems and have submitted it one more time to Sony for the final certificate testing process.

Fans have been looking forward to the game on the new generation platform for a long time, ever since the console got released in 2013. Playstation 4 is yet to receive some noteworthy titles. Minecraft PS4 is definitely one of the best titles, because, unlike other games, which offer only a few hours of game play, the open world sand box game offers an ever changing scenario, where you could enjoy to the core. Recently, someone recreated the entire Trials fusion game in the Minecraft world on PC and such things should be possible on the new generation platform with its open architecture.

PS4 Gets Retail Edition

Players who love the Sony Playstation platform were literally enraged with 4J, because the company didn’t port the game to the console for over a year. Xbox 360 got it first from PC, but it took almost a year, for them to release it on Playstation 3. However, they didn’t make the same mistake with Minecraft PS4, which is getting an early release, while the Xbox One edition is expected to follow soon. The development team managed to finish bug fixing the version earlier than the Xbox version and submitted it to Sony for certificate testing.

However, as fate would have it, Sony returned it back to 4J asking for a redo of some bugs that needs fixing. We really hope that the release date doesn’t get delayed any longer and it comes out in time. On the official release date, Minecraft PS4 is going to get a retail boxed edition. Even though, it is such a small game that doesn’t demand to be on a full bluray disc, we presume that the increased anticipation among gamers prompted Sony to make the decision. It is going to be more of a collector’s edition that players could proudly add to their list of discs at home.

PS Vita Still Has Bugs

While Minecraft PS4 has finally gone to Sony for final certificate testing, the Minecraft PS Vita is still in the bug fixing stage. In a recent Twitter statement, 4J said that they aren’t done with fixing the issues related to the Vita version and will let everyone know when they are finally able to submit it to Sony. Let’s hope everything goes as planned and we get to play the game soon on the latest console with some PS exclusive content.

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