Why We Need to Have Instagram PC in Our Lives

Instagram is such a popular social media app that almost everyone, with a smartphone or tablet, has it installed in their devices.

Instagram is used to upload photos one by one without the need to create an album. You can choose to share your photos on other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Probably the most important use of Instagram is posting of one’s self-portrait, or also called as “selfies”. Almost everyone who uses Instagram has posted a selfie on their account, whether girls, boys, young or old.

People with No Supported Device Want to Join Instagram Too

While people with smartphones and tablets are enjoying this app, there are others who still like to have Instagram PC. These are the people with no devices in which they can download the free app. Instagram has an official website which you can open on your computer. Unfortunately, it will only work if you already have an Instagram account. If you’re planning to register with a computer, it’s not possible in the official website.

Third-Party Apps that Run Instagram PC

There are other third-party applications that allow you to run Instagram PC. Most of them require you to download software that will run the app. Maybe some people want to know why we insist on having Instagram PC. One of the obvious reasons here is that not everyone can afford a smartphone or a tablet. Some people are okay with having a laptop or a desktop but they also want to experience what other people are experiencing with their devices and that includes Instagram.

More Reasons for Instagram PC

Another reason why we need Instagram PC is sometimes we have photos in our hard drive that we want to boast to our friends, whether it’s a portrait of ourselves or a great shot you took that you think is worth sharing. You might think that Facebook is another great platform where you can do that. However, not everyone likes to post their photos on this giant social network. Instagram has its own audience and more businesses are also using Instagram. If you’re targeting a company to notice you or your work, Instagram is a great channel to do that.

Celebrities Use Instagram Too

Celebrities use Instagram the same way everyone else uses the free app. If you want to feel closer to your favorite celebrities by liking or commenting on their photos hoping that one day they will notice you, Instagram is the best app to have. Again, it’s another reason why Instagram PC needs to happen soon. There have been a lot of requests to the company to make it possible soon, but so far there’s no answer.

Not Going To Happen Soon

Instagram PC does not seem to be happening any time soon. Perhaps, it’s about time you finally put your foot down and buy a device that supports the app. Even if you came across software or applications that will allow you to run Instagram PC, there’s no guarantee that it doesn’t come with threats.

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