Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo – Specifications and Pricing Compared

Dual SIM phones have become extremely popular in several parts of the world and Samsung is on a road to dominate this segment by launching a number of variants.

Their first weapon in Samsung’s arsenal for this segment is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. This phone was introduced towards the end of 2012. Since then, the company has come out with a couple of variants with the most recent being the Galaxy Grand Neo. This device was launched only a few months ago and it manages to improve on the original version in several aspects.


The design is probably one aspect that has not changed in the last 12 months in both these phones, as they feature a similar philosophy with the large home screen button just below the large touch screen display. Dimensions and weight are almost similar.


The similarities extend into the touch screen display as well, which is almost 5 inches in both phones. It is exactly 5 inches on the Galaxy Grand Duos, while the screen on the Galaxy Grand Neo is 5.01 inches in size. This minimalistic difference extends into the technology and the resolution used by the display. The 480 x 800 pixels resolution may result in inferior looking images compared to the high end smartphones due to lower pixel density, but at this price point, few can offer the large display feeling apart from the Galaxy Grand Neo and the Galaxy Grand Duos.


The Galaxy Grand Neo tries to take advantage of the large display by providing the user with up to 16 GB of internal memory depending upon the variant chosen. One can also expand this memory using up to 64 GB of memory cards. The expandable memory card feature is present in the Galaxy Grand Duos as well, but it features only 8 GB of internal memory. This is the only variant in the Galaxy Grand Duos model.


As far as multitasking ability goes, the two phones are unlikely to be different due to the 1 GB RAM. However, there may be a difference in terms of speed of usage because the Galaxy Grand Duos uses a relatively older version of the dual core 1.2 GHz processor. The Galaxy Grand Neo uses a similar processor, but it is of the latest generation. Samsung uses the TouchWiz user interface to offer its own features to the android operating system. The 4.2 jellybean version of the android is used in both devices.

The identical nature of the two devices continues in the battery where a 2100 mAh unit is employed in both products.


Despite being much older than the Galaxy Grand Neo, Galaxy Grand Duos gets a major advantage in terms of the camera because of its 8 megapixel camera in comparison with the 5 megapixel camera on the former. Not only is this camera better in terms of megapixel count, but in terms of features as well.

Available at just $ 250, the Galaxy Grand Neo is a price conscious smartphone. The Galaxy Grand Duos is also available at around the same price.

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