A List of 9 Great Video Games to Play on a MacBook

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MacBooks can be as good of a choice for playing video games as any other option. The idea that macOS is still bad for gaming is outdated.

Sure, if you have an older model, it might cause issues. Lack of storage, sluggish performance, spinning beach ball, and even kernel panics, but you can fix these issues by checking https://setapp.com/.

The important thing is that playing video games is possible, and the list below provides you with great options. Let’s take a look at some of the best video games that are currently available on macOS.


Cuphead is one of the best indie games released in recent years. The feeling is one that makes you think about early animation, considering how the characters look and what the soundtrack is like.

Do not be fooled by the first impressions, though. The game might seem gimmicky, but it is punishing. Progress is hard to achieve if you do not have the patience. Figuring out the mechanics is also a bit of a challenge, but if you are interested in playing a difficult game, then look no further than Cuphead.


Minecraft nurtures your creativity, and you should not disregard this game because of its graphics. It might represent something from the early days of gaming, but there is a certain charm to the visuals of Minecraft.

Civilization VI

Strategy games are quite popular, and there is hardly anything better than Civilization when it comes to turn-based strategy games.

Civilization VI is the most recent installment in the franchise, but it received multiple expansions that introduced new civilizations and scenarios. The fans are eagerly awaiting Civilization VII, which should be announced relatively soon.

Age of Empires

We mentioned Civ VI as a turn-based RTS, but what about real-time strategy? Age of Empires is arguably the most iconic game in the genre, and despite being so old, it continues to be popular.

Hardcore fans stick to Age of Empires II, but there is a decent number of players who are playing recently released AOE IV.

Whether you are interested in custom scenarios, campaigns, or competing against players online, the game has you covered.

Path of Exile

Sometimes, going on a mindless demon-slaying spree is what you are looking for in a video game. If so, Path of Exile (developers recently announced the sequel) is one of the best options for that.

You will need a decent internet connection because the game is online, but it would be difficult to imagine playing it any other way due to interactions with other players, especially when it comes to the game’s economy.

You start slow and build your character by upgrading equipment and killing enemies that get progressively stronger.

Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin is one of those games that are perfect if you are a fan of turned-based roleplaying games.

The premise is pretty simple—create a party of characters and set out on an adventure during which you have to overcome various obstacles.


The golden age of Battle Royale games might be over, but there are still plenty of players who stick to games like Fortnite.

It is easy to get fooled by its cartoonish graphics, but Fortnite is so popular for a good reason. It is hard to find a better Battle Royale video game at the moment. Once you play a few games and get used to the visuals, you can focus on what makes Fortnite so great—its gameplay.


Portal and Portal II are a few games that were actually developed by Valve. The company releases few titles, but when they do, there is no denying that Valve gets things right.

The Portal franchise is a great example. It might seem like a difficult game, which, to be fair, it is, but solving intricate puzzles has something compulsive about it, making you continue playing.

Guild Wars 2

MMORPGs are not doing that great at the moment, but you can still scratch that itch if you are okay with committing time.

Guild Wars 2 has been around for almost ten years now, but it is seeing a surge of returning and new players thanks to Arenanet’s communication and an expansion released a month or so ago.

The game is not without its problems, but that is to be expected when talking about MMORPGs. The early player experience needs some polishing, but the developers are working on it and plan to introduce positive changes before the game gets published on Steam later this year.

Thus, if you are interested in trying an MMORPG, then Guild Wars 2 seems like a clear option. The sooner you start, the sooner you can level up and reach the end game where the player experience becomes the best the game has to offer.

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