Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One Graphic Editions vs PS3 and Xbox 360 Ones

Minecraft editions for the PS4 and Xbox One were released last week and it was uploaded a video that displays a comparison between the new versions and the previous ones.

The new Minecraft versions for PS4 and Xbox One provide a wider draw distance and bigger worlds in the game. According to EuroGamer, the previous game on Xbox 360 enables the user one to stock a feature saved in the cloud, for a simpler transfer to the Xbox One game.

Nevertheless, the maps in Minecraft Xbox360 version are identical in size with the Xbox One edition.

Xbox One

Minecraft for Xbox One has been recently released in the previous month on Xbox Live -Marketplace. This version comes out with remarkably larger worlds and a considerable draw distance than the anterior Xbox360 edition.
It contains all the features saved from the recent Xbox360 update.
The price for the new Minecraft for Xbox One is $19.99.
You will have an advantage, if you already have purchased the Xbox360 edition from their official marketplace mentioned above, or if you played the game online with the disc variant, you will get an upgrade to Xbox One edition for a cost of only $4.99.
This upgrade you’ll be able to do for least a year after the launch date.
The users who have stock their save on Minecraft Xbox 360 will be allowed to transfer their worlds to the Xbox One version. Unhappily, this transfer cannot be done vice versa, from Xbox One to Xbox360.
It is impossible to pass from a platform to another, while playing, between the two Xbox versions.
Majority of the DLC packs you have bought for your Xbox 360 game will be available in Xbox One version too.

PS3 or PS Vita

Minecraft PS3 + Vita version has been available since August on the PSN.
It contains all the features from the latest PS3 version, plus the online playing on PS Vita.
Those who have already purchase the Minecraft edition for Playstation 3 from PSN will receive the game on PS Vita for free. This kind of deal is named among the Sony fans the cross-buy.
The team developing the game is working tight with Sony Computer Entertainment to find a perfect way to upgrade the Blu-Ray disc variant of the game for PS3 to Minecraft for Playstation3 + Vita.
This new edition is priced at $19.99.
Even if you purchase the game first for PS3 or PS Vita, you actually have the game for both the platforms.
The users are able to transfer the saves between the PS 3 and PS Vita platforms. Once you’ve started to craft on Playstation 3, then you’ll be able to continue it on your PS Vita.
The DLC packs you’ve bought for Playstation3 game edition will be good on Playstation3+Vita version, as well.


The PS4 edition offers notably larger worlds and a bigger draw distance compared to Playstation3+Vita edition.
All the features from the latest Playstation3 game version can be transferred.
The Minecraft for Playstation4 can be purchase for $19.99.
Like the Xbox editions, if you already have purchase the Playstation3 version from the “PlaystationNetwork” you can upgrade it to PS4 version for just $4.99 and minimum of a year later the launch.
The developers are working nearby the Sony Computer Entertainment to find a good way to upgrade the game from the Blu-Ray edition of Minecraft Playstation3 to Playstation4 edition.
Users of Playstation3 version or Playstation3+Vita edition are able to import their saved worlds to Playstation4 edition. Unfortunately, it cannot be done vice versa, due to prevent some technical problems.
Also, the cross playing is impossible between the Minecraft for Playstation3+Vita and Playstation4 edition.
Mostly of the DLC packs you have bought for Playstation3 version, are useable in the Playstation4 game edition, as well. We would be very satisfied if all the DLC could be transferred, but a couple of the items might be obstructed by licensing deals.

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