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Internet Explorer is one of those several old school web browsers which have been the most loved, and most used around the globe.

But with the advent of Google Chrome, many web browsers have taken a back seat. Even IE is affected by its popularity. Be it simplicity, speed or compact design, Google Chrome has it all. You name it and they provide it. Recent developments in software technology have given a boost to this compact and fast web browser. Let us take a look at some of the latest extensions that have really made Google Chrome first-among-the-firsts.


These days, online reading is gaining popularity, especially after the advent of light hand-held touch devices which offer huge storage spaces for most of the e-books online. Moreover, people who are too busy to take up the newspaper can simply log on to their favorite news portal online. This is where Clearly comes in handy. This Google chrome extension enhances readability by removing all the unnecessary details, and helps you focus more on the reading material. You can also save the articles on Evernote, add tags and annotate at the same time.

Google Translate

Ever wondered how you get an option to convert the entire content of a foreign website into your language when you are using Google Chrome? That’s the power of Google! Unlike normal Google translator wherein you have to type a word to get the translation, Google Translate helps translate the entire website into the language of your choice. This is very helpful when you need to browse websites in foreign languages. This really makes exploring easy.

Google Dictionary

The Google Dictionary app works in two ways: one way is to write the term that you want to be defined, directly into the apps text field, the other is by highlighting the word in question on the website and clicking on the book icon of the extension.

EXIF Viewer

This extension is a bonus for photography enthusiasts who like to dive into the details of any amazing photograph on the internet. The EXIF viewer helps users analyze any photograph, and provide details about the exposure, camera type, focal length, etc. It also provides the geological location of the photograph, if available. It is not only fun to work with, but is also a great tool for people who own a professional camera but have a hard time adjusting the settings to get the desired results.

Voice Search

Google has recently launched its ‘Ok Google’ voice search companion for Google chrome users. The voice search feature lets users activate search by simply saying ‘Ok Google’ command, followed by a query or search keyword. Though launched preliminarily in the U.S., the voice search feature will eventually be rolled out globally through Chrome 35 Beta version.


Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers to work with in today’s technological advancement. With few extensions and add-ons, this browser becomes more fun to use and explore the net. So next time you have a query, try Google Chrome.

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