iPhone 6 Release Day Shipments Not Yet Finalized – Apple Has Issues

Many Apple enthusiasts have pre-ordered the device for the same reason anyone pre-orders something, to get it ahead of time. However, Apple seems to have other plans for those eagerly awaiting to get their devices. Blaming either some issues with the wireless carrier systems, or lack of time to get the job done completely, the bottom line is that Apple failed even to this day to completely ship the iPhone 6 pre-ordered devices from the handset’s release date.

It wasn’t a problem for Apple and the network carriers it partnered with to completely sell the entire pre-order stocks of the new iPhone 6 within a matter of minutes, starting just as soon as pre-orders were made available on the 12th of September at midnight. Their websites were over-populated to the extent of which many errors and time-outs were encountered. There were those who managed to complete their pre-order. Those customers should have received their shiny new gadgets a few days back on September 19.

Plans changed for the customers in question, as their pre-orders failed the second round of verifications. The first round took place during the placement of the pre-order, which went on without a problem. The second one is supposedly right before the units ship out, and for some reason, most probably errors between companies, Apple was not able to confirm the pre-orders with the carriers. This resulted in a very frustrating notification from Apple, received by those awaiting their new iPhones less than a day before deadline, in which the iPhone manufacturer stated exactly that. Apparently, the deadline for pre-order unit shipments has been delayed until 26th-30th of September.

What Apple fails to understand at this point is that many customers who entrusted the manufacturer with delivering the new iPhone model have probably ripped precious time out of their schedule to be home when the delivery van parks out front. Unfortunately, no delivery van ever made its way to the frustrated and disappointed Apple users who saw their time wasted. At one point, Apple even promised that customers would have their handsets on the 19th of September as planned, by 8 PM, but the delivery companies Apple partnered with, UPS and FedEx apparently didn’t have the required resources to pull of the move. FedEx marked such pre-orders as still being out for delivery on the tracking report, but failed to specify a new deadline.

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