Chrome Remote Desktop for Android Users Now

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The Remote Desktop Application has grown its lush and new branches into the android market as well.

This will bring forth the luxury of accessing your Grand Desktop and the treasure trove it possesses all from your little Android Screen. For three years now, Remote Desktop Application has let its users connect their computers with one another and access it to the fullest with a simple PIN. All that it required was the installation of the same on the other device as well. Its release for the Android market has ensured the most luxurious option of the era for all Android addicts and fans alike. This will solve the zillion problems of a common office worker who has forgotten to save his important file in dropbox or to procure immediate evidence when you are trying to prove that the picture you took the day before with Megan Fox is on your Desktop, all within a click. The remote desktop applications in the market usually prove to be huffing and puffing troubled ones or require rather sophisticated installation setup.

Setting It Up

The Remote desktop Application by Chrome for Android will let all its users avail the same benefits of its native version by the free download that is available on the Chrome Webstore.

i) Find the right Chrome Remote Desktop Application from the Chrome Webstore.

ii) Download it to install it on your Android device.

iii) Now repeat the actions specified above to ensure installing the application successfully for the desired device that you wish to connect to or to be connected with.

iv) Confirm the installation on the other device you wish to be connected to.

v) Log into your Gmail account and enter your Google account email and password to allow Access for all remote desktop requests that is notified to your mail.

vi) Tap on ‘Get started’ and then ‘Enable Remote Connections’

vii) Enter the PIN desired in the User Account Control window that pops up.

viii) Confirm and click OK.

ix) Enter the same PIN in the other device upon finding your Android.

Congratulations! You Are Ready to Access Remote Desktop from Your Little Screen

The size of the Remote Desktop Application for Android is 2.1 MB. It is released even for Android 4.0 and Ice Cream Sandwich. The Remote Desktop for Android users now has an advanced option of providing users with CTRL + ALT + DEL button to the Disconnect tab.

Also, Android’s option of the virtual keyboard can be availed with a button pressed or swiping three fingers in the upward direction. Pinch to zoom in and out is also supported. The controls are designed in a trackpad style. The application is claimed to be a little less controllable with Bluetooth and its mouse. The application assists to offer technical and other support to office and families respectively.


Your phone can be now accessed by others who have been connected to your device with the same PIN. The keyboard and mouse options on the computer will not work when you have connected to your system remotely.

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