GTA 5 – Top Secrets behind the Delayed Release Date

Hold on to your seats all you GTA lovers because it is yet to be determined whether the news you are about to get is good or bad for PC gamers.

Starting with the good news, GTA 5 for PC has not been cancelled as had previously been rumored. However, its release will have to wait until sometime in 2015 and not in 2014 as expected.

When it does arrive, it will come as the last entrant in early 2015 – January 27th. When you compare this release date to the one made by Rockstar earlier, you will see that it is at a much later date. However, the new generation Xbox One and PS4 editions will be released on the 18th of November as earlier planned. Is this pushing all PC players to a corner? Or is that the actual time required to safely port GTA 5?

New Features Promised

In a move that many see as a way to make up for the release delay, GTA 5 for PC has been rumored to come jam-packed with extensive features you will not see on any other platform. The edition will be superior visually thanks to the superior hardware power in PCs. Technical upgrades will also be present, and its rating can only be done once people get a feel of it.

Draw distance will also be increased when compared to the console versions. Considering the GTA game’s wide scale, it is okay to assume that it will look amazing seeing a mountain afar and having the ability to walk and reach it. According to Rockstar’s official forum, there will also be wildlife. They are, however, yet to decide the type of animals that will be present, but some assume that it is going to be denser.

Weather Effects and Enhanced Damage

Since the Watch Dogs quality reduction, gamers seem to be intimidated by the weather effects. Nevertheless, GTA 5 PC has promised to deliver enhanced weather and damage levels effects that will give the game some form of realism. It was not as real on Xbox 360 and PS3 because of the old hardware. Once PS4 and Xbox One editions land, you will be able to see the kind of quality to expect on a PC.

Useful Tips on Playing the Game

Side missions: these at times take up too much time. Even so, there are some side hassles that give you nice payoffs and are quick to complete. For example, you see a thief attack or steal from a civilian, help the civilian by dealing with the thief. Sometimes you will get a simple thank you from the civilian. Other times, you can even get rewards worth hundreds of thousands.

Sparingly use the secondary driving cam:  When pursuing someone, you might get tempted to follow them using your “follow” cam angle. This can cause crashes because your eyes are off the road. When you crash, your target manages to get away/flee, and you will lose that mission. So, keep your eyes on the road and on the target.

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