GTA V 1.17 Update on the Way – Not Likely to See Heists Update Soon

There was a leak this week that shed some light on the upcoming GTA V Online patch; unfortunately, it’s not the Heists, the DLC players have been hoping for, for a long time.

Rockstar (the company behind GTA V) promised players the long-awaited heists (a feature we’ve seen in GTA V single-player campaign); but so far, there has been little (next-to-none would be a more accurate description) information about when we could expect the update. Rockstar promised the update, when the game was released more than a year ago, but for the last few months they have been very silent.

Heists are an important feature in the single player story. They have to be carefully planned and executed accordingly and they offer a variety of options and different approaches to how you want the heist to play out. For example, apart from the main game characters, who are, by default, part of your crew, you choose other crew-members. The more skill a certain crew-member possesses,  the bigger their cut will be, leaving you with a lower income overall, but you feel more secure that the selected crewmember will do his job effectively. You can approach the heist with guns blazing, which requires a skilled gunman in your crew, or you can choose a silent approach, which will then require crew-members with different skill sets (a skilled hacker, for example).

A certain YouTube channel cited a source that allegedly said that leaked information about the 1.17 update (which should be released next month) is codenamed MPLTS (which probably stands for – Multiplayer last-team standing). The information came from the same leaker that leaked the Flight School DLC. However, something like that already exists in the game; so the question is, why would Rockstar release a new game mode that is very similar to other modes that are already available in the game? Numerous YouTube channels have led discussions as to when the patch might be released and some are convinced that it’s coming this Tuesday. If we are to believe the sources, Rockstar uploaded the details about the next-gen and PC versions of GTA 5 and some alleged features include increased draw distances, finer textures and much denser traffic, as well as enhanced resolutions in order to bring more life to the city, as well as its surrounding areas. New content should be created for GTA Online and should have more jobs, new weapons and vehicles, more extensive player customization, etc. PC version should feature a video editor that should allow the players to edit and share videos online. PC version should also feature a new first person vehicle mode that should show the interior of the vehicle, including the functional speedometer, as well as a new first person mode while the player is on foot, which is something we haven’t seen in previous Grand Theft Auto games.

This information might not be factual but the sources, from which the information came, have proven themselves reliable before. Time will tell when the heists will be released or what features we’ll be able to see in PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game.

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