FIFA 14 – The Features That Attract Gamers the Most

FIFA has always managed to grab the attention of millions of football fans across the globe, be it the live game or the gaming app.

With every new edition, the makers EA Sports come out with several new features and improvements which render the previous versions less interesting and drive the enthusiastic gamers to buy the latest version of the game. The main reason for the developments and improvements in the subsequent versions is the craze of its fans who desire more and more realistic game play options and complete freedom to play the game as per their wishes, in a mode that lets them control everything from strategizing to team selections and game play. The latest version of the game, FIFA 14, offers all the latest features and several new improvements which make it a worthy buy for football fanatics. Some of the latest features that have attracted gamers have been mentioned below.

Real Physics in Ball Motion

The physics of ball motion has been improved and players can now hit the ball with much more accuracy, force and predetermined distance. The trajectories can be adjusted and even low rising shots can be hit properly and in the desired direction, making the game much like the real world football.

The Intelligence of Teammates

This has been a great improvement in FIFA 14 with players becoming smarter and quicker in their decision making capabilities. The defenders make more attacking moves and try to win possession from the opponents while the attackers try to outpace their opponents and show myriad tricks with the ball in order to fend off defenders. This improved intelligence gives a better game play experience and greater freedom while playing as an intelligent team and opponent always make a good game.

A Number of Skill Games

FIFA 14 provides a whole new set of skill improvement games and short tactics improvement sessions where the players can practice different moves and passes, in single player or multi player mode, and apply the same during the actual game play. So you can become a faster and better player by improving accuracy and skill set and display the same during game play.

A Whole New Career Mode

FIFA 14 provides the career mode wherein you can scout for talent all around the year. The new Global Scouting Network is the newest addition which searches for bright players and makes transactions easier with better navigation and shorter interruptions. All the attributes and parameters are properly listed after evaluation, much like a real life table and you can make your own scouting network to look and groom players for your squad. Career mode also enables the player to keep a track of the progress of a player in the league or series, and change them or sell them accordingly during the transfer windows.

A Large Authentic Database

FIFA 14 is a licensed version and includes real countries, clubs and more than 15,000 players. The players are depicted as if in real and with proper names and numbers, giving the game a more real feel.

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