The Crew PC Beta Begins July 23, Release Date Is Close By

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For racing fans out there, a new experience awaits because Ubisoft promises that the Crew will not be another car racing gig but a multiplayer experience where multiple teams group to achieve specific goals.

The PC version of the game is all set to get into beta within a couple of weeks on July 23. The official website now accepts signs up. All you need is an Ubisoft id using which you can login to the website and sign up. Anyone who gets selected for the PC beta will receive an e-mail before the event commences and you will be able to check out the game a strong five months before the actual release date. Compared to consoles, PC gets beta in time and it is also being provided for a considerable period.

The Battlefield Hardline beta was extended to nearly two weeks and another one is on the way this autumn before the game releases. Similarly, the Crew is expected to go live with limited maps and game modes that will not only allow players to get a first hand experience of the game but will also be the benchmark test for developers to make sure that everything is running as planned. Being a massive online multiplayer racing game, it is important to make sure the game hits the right points because such experiments go wrong if the developer fails to deliver what is expected. The beta will serve as a time when everything could be on trial and to ensure a complete experience on release date.

Massive Open World

According to the official information released during E3 2013 and other conferences, the Crew is a massive online racing game, which features one of the biggest maps in race gaming history. Usually, the online experience of racing is very limited, compared to RPGs or first person shooters because of the lack of content. But, this upcoming title is being designed in and around the multiplayer experience where players get to build their own cars right from the scratch. In other words, it can be safely referred to as the RPG of racing where cars have a personality of their own and it ideally personifies the person driving it. You could also call it as the competitor for Electronic Arts hit series, Need for Speed. The game allows players to participate in multiple races and missions designed by the developers while the open world environment will allow them complete freedom to create custom races and competitions similar to what players are doing in GTA 5 Online.

RPG Mechanics

The recent event that took place around the Crew was the Explore and Customize contest where a select bunch of gamers were allowed to play the game. Ubisoft says that the players were visibly excited by the customization options available and the huge scope of the world that they felt this could change racing forever. Sign up now for the beta and within days you could actually be playing it to experience the title firsthand.

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