Free Antivirus for Your Android Phone – Qihoo 360 Security

For a long time now, the Android free antivirus space was dominated by Bit Defender.

Even though, people had the question whether phones are as vulnerable as computers, we now know that with evolution, it is a possibility. The new Qihoo 360 Security seems like a fair option that is available for you, especially if you are using the latest Android Kit Kat among other versions. The antivirus program has a wide range of features that should help users secure themselves against mobile malware.

Solid Malware Detection Rate

When it comes to free antivirus, users assume that they are not as efficient as the paid versions. It is not the case with Qihoo 360 Security, because the developers have designed it in such a way that it was a free product right from the start. In all the malware detection tests, the program scored the highest than its competitors and it is one of the important features that make a good mobile antivirus program. After all, you wouldn’t want a program running on your phone unless it can protect you from external issues and threats, right?

Wide Range of Features

Compared to other programs, the Qihoo 360 Security also has multiple features bundled with the package. While it is primarily a free antivirus program, the app also has other features as part of it including an anti-theft system that will automatically lock the phone, erase data as required, memory clean up to save space, firewall, app locking, call blocking, SMS blocking among other trivial additions. For a free app, this is much more than what any user could ask for. The app also uses a beautiful user interface which looks intuitive, has nice design and is meant for phones which have a bigger screen with higher resolution.

You can also scan specific files or locations using the free antivirus program and it easily found more malware issues during the first scan, which is a remarkable achievement by the developers. It looks good, has the power to protect your phone, has multiple anti-theft features in the same app and is overall reliable. At a time when smartphones are becoming more and more like computers, using such an app is mandatory. The developers have still left space to improvise the app in multiple areas and we assume that they will do it in the near future with app updates that are usually rolled out to most antivirus programs to keep it to the latest version.


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