Acai Berry – Why Vegans Categorized It As Super Food

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Super food refers to the category of food that is rich in nutrients and vitamins and can aid in efficient growth of the human body. Incorporating such food in your diet is sure to bring you substantial amount of health benefits.

What Is Acai Berry?

Acai berry is primarily a palm tree that is found abundantly in parts of South America. It is consumed both in raw form and even made into juice and other extracts as well. Owing to the type of medicinal benefits it has to offer, it is now cultivated in other parts of the world too.

They are even smaller than grapes and have a blackish to purplish color. The tree can grow up to 15 meters in height and the Amazon rainforest is one of top place where the production of Acai berry thrives.

What Makes It a Super Food?

In order to be categorized as a super food, the food needs to be rich in plenty of different minerals and nutrients. Acai berry comes packed with a plethora of different vitamins and useful nutrients. It has a rich supply of antioxidants, amino acids, proteins, minerals and almost all vitamins as well.

The oxygen absorbance capacity of Acai berry is way over 3500 and this is considerably higher than even nutritious fruits like apples.

Fighting the Problem of Obesity

By far, one of the most useful and striking benefits of Acai berry has to be its impact on weight loss. There are studies that have linked the use of pulp in Acai berry to cutting down the negative impact of indulging in a fat rich diet. Acai berry is known to help obese people shed extra pounds. While there isn’t a great deal of scientific proof to back this claim, you can find innumerable people choosing Acai pulp to keep their weight in check.

Beautify Your Skin

We all love to have a glowing radiance on our face and women in particular are known to spend uncountable amount of money for the sake of looking pretty and beautiful. Owing to the rich antioxidant value of Acai berry, you can find it in almost all cosmetics. The use of Acai berry can bring in the right glow to your face. Along with beautifying your skin, Acai berry is well-known for its anti ageing benefits. The effects of senescence can be delayed when you are consuming Acai berry as the rich content of antioxidants helps in overcoming the impact of free radicals.

A Healthier Heart

Research has indicated that Acai berry is extremely rich in anthocyanin that is a pigment that is extremely useful in lowering down the levels of cholesterol in our body. Those who are suffering from the problems of blood clot can definitely benefit with the use of these super foods because anthocyanin is known to have a positive impact on the heart muscles and it can open the clots and improve the circulation as well.

There are various other benefits too that Acai berry offers and there are studies going on, which is hinting at the possibility that these berries can also be of use in the treatment of cancer. However, the research is not complete yet and it would be wrong to jump to these possibilities beforehand.

Regardless of what the research tells, we can conclude that Acai berry is a super food that can provide multiple health benefits. One can find a string of uses that it has to offer and it is now easily found in various parts of the world as well because Acai berry is cultivated for its health benefits.

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