Adobe Flash Player 13 – How Does Adobe Manage the Free Download?

Using the Adobe Flash Player comes naturally to everyone who uses a PC.

Whenever we use it, we do not even realize the complex programming that goes into creating this spectacular software. To top it all, Adobe continues to send updates for its Flash Player every now and then. While some of these updates tend to be buggy and difficult, there are others that are very stable. The Adobe Flash Player 13 is Adobe’s latest stable version of one of its most popular softwares. It is also being considered one of the best updates ever released by the technology giant. Not only does it make web streaming and viewing much more pleasant, it also solves a lot of issues with crashes, while solving compatibility issues as well.

How Does the Flash Player manage to be Free?

Adobe has a number of softwares in its kitty, including the wildly popular Acrobat Reader, which generates a lot of revenue from the sales of its premium versions. With the revenue generated from the sales of Acrobat Reader, Adobe is able to fuel the constant development of Flash Player, which is completely free for PC users. However, this does not mean that the Flash Player 13 is totally free for everyone. To make sure that your flash player does not have any hidden ads or subscriptions, Adobe charges 3rd party developers who want to use its products. While you, as a home user, can download Adobe Flash Player 13 for free, developers who want to use it in their products have to pay a heavy premium. So even if you do not pay for Flash, those who develop Flash based software do. They then charge you – the PC owners, for the cost they incurred in developing the software when you purchase it from them. So ultimately, the cost is passed on to you in a way.

Is Adobe Flash Player 13 Free For All?

It is important to understand that Adobe Flash Player is only free for desktop users. However, when it comes to mobile devices, developers have to pay a hefty amount to get licenses for flash support. These licenses for mobile devices usually cost a lot so both developers and device manufacturers have to pay Adobe to provide flash support to their users. The great thing, though, is that as users, it comes at no cost to you. Adobe does good business by letting you enjoy the software free of cost while it charges developers and manufacturers for licenses, training, and support. If you are using a portable device to stream video and play flash based movies, there are some simple ways to get Adobe Flash Player 13 working on your portable device. There are several apps such as the ‘Puffin Web Browser’, which can be downloaded on your portable device and used to serve Flash powered media directly onto your device. These capabilities are present in many other browsers and applications for both Android and iOS based devices.

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