GoPro Hero 4: Release Date, Specs, Features

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GoPro Hero 4 lately stated, confirming the rumor that the line of wearable and rugged video camera is getting upgraded. The new entry will be replacing the existing Hero3+ soon.

Go-Pro is known for delivering high-end cameras, which are often used for shooting extreme sports in live field. The brand is a phenomenon in the sector of extreme and leisure sports photography. The high-end and best-in quality cameras work in all conditions, whether it’s on the earth, water, air, or atmosphere. The camera is lightweight and rugged, weighing not even 100grams. Moreover, it has special connection for skip poles, windsurfing, etc.

With Go-Pro Hero4, the company is trying to branch out, appealing to a larger customer base for their camera. As of now, professionals and athletes are using this product; but right now, Go-Pro is looking out to reach out to mass audience.

The firm is leaving no stone unturned in convincing general users about the advantages of having wearable video product; nowadays, people use phones only to capture photos, videos and hence, Go-Pro is working hard on camera technology to make their product look better.

Features and Specs

HTC will be entering the market place to rival with Go-Pro. HTC camera is said to be waterproof and it has high-resistant build quality over its rivals; you can also connect with smartphones to transfer files. Go-Pro is throwing high competition as the new technology is rolling out.

The new Hero 4 is touching a lot of enthusiasm in the world of camera and video technology. There are a lot of expectations with the upcoming product as it has powerful and unique features.

The current model is powered by an A7 chip, while Hero4 will get A9. It is being said that it would get 4K recording features, 1080p60 Camera SoC, and A7 Hybrid DV/DSC. It is possible to record 4K clips @ 30frames/sec. At present, there is no camcorder to shoot 4K videos at such fast rate.

Featuring Ambrella A9 chip, it is said to capture videos at enhanced frame rate. Since the speculations about this new camera are out, Go-Pro enthusiasts have started expressing their positive opinion for the product.  Some features that people are waiting to see in the device include low-light performance, battery, deep water capability, and photo stabilization. Some users want LCD Touch Bac-pac as optional feature.

It’ll feature a water resistant camera, allowing users to capture moments from deep water at about 60m. All the features would be of enhanced level in comparison with Hero3 and it’ll be the best camera to shoot extreme sports scenes.

It will also have Wi-Fi connectivity option along with other applications; it has HDMI port for sharing/uploading videos easily.

Price and Release Date

Apart from all the above stunning features, it costs $500. The A9 chip features were rolled out in Jan that gave a hint that Go-Pro’s next model would have the same feature. When something gets upgraded, it will raise the cost value as well. It is slated to be launched in Mar 2015.

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