Clash Of Clans – Best Farming Strategies To Help You Succeed

Farming in Clash of Clans is one of the main things you will do. Today we’re going to give you some tips on how to farm effectively in order to get those Elixirs and Gold fast.

  1. Town Hall Level

You Town Hall’s level plays a big role when it comes to resource farming. When you attack a village that has a lower or higher Town Hall level than yours, you will get a penalty from the loot you can steal from the village.

Here is more information about the loot penalty system:

– If the Town Hall is equal to yours – you will get 100% loot
– If the Town Hall is 1 level lower than yours – you will get 90% loot
– If the Town Hall is 2 levels lower than yours – you will get 50% loot
– If the Town Hall is 3 levels lower than yours – you will get 25% loot
– If the Town Hall is 4+ levels lower than yours – you will get 5% loot.

  1. Trophy Range

In order to farm efficiently, you will have to keep a good balance on the Trophy range, in order to not get villages that are well protected. For a Town Hall level 7-8 you should remain in Silver 1 or 2 League to that you can farm easy and fast.

  1. Attacking Strategy

When you want to farm you have to consider three things:

– The troops must have a low training time
– Your strategy should not rely on spells since it takes about 30minutes to produce one single spell
– The total cost of troops should be somewhere around 50.000 – 90.000 and you should be focusing in getting double the resources you invested in them.

Here is a good strategy that you can use on a Town Hall level 8: 10-20 maxed archers, 1 maxed healer, 15-20 maxed giants, 10-15 minions, 5-10 maxed mages and a maxed healing spell (which you will use only for emergency).

Try to max out your army camps in order to be able to hold as many troops as you can. For a Town Hall level 7 you should have around 200 troops. Do not use all your troops in a raid if you don’t need to, so try to save as many troops as you can. At the same time, don’t pick villages that are well defended and instead look for inactive players with weak villages that have over 300.000 combined resources.

If you can lure the Hero and the other troops from the Clan Castle, do it and kill them using your archers and minions. Keep in mind that your Giants will not fight back if the enemy troops get out of the Castle.

After you killed the Hero and the troops from the Clan Castle, deploy your Giants next to the most vulnerable Air Defense and let them destroy it and only after that, you can deploy your Healer and Mages. After your Giants clear some space, you can send all the remaining mages along with archers. Remember to not deploy all the minions in one spot and instead spread them a little bit.

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