FIFA 15 Review – A Great Game With Little Flaws

The most anticipated football game of the season, FIFA 15, is officially out! EA has always dominated this area in terms of presentation, graphics, and game play mechanics, even though they have a tough competition from Konami’s PES series.

The title has been launched and boasts of several new features including the highly promoted emotional intelligence system. Sometimes, it wasn’t perfect but we should definitely appreciate the developers for attempting such an innovative mechanism. Players tend to make more mistakes when their team is losing, which is somewhat realistic, but needs to be tweaked a bit.

Goal Keeping At Its Best

One of the excellent new additions to FIFA 15 is the goal keeping systems. The keepers are very agile, precise and can stop almost every goal, especially if they are hit towards his zone. It’s not that easy both for the opponent as well as you to score past these heavy shot stoppers. Even if the ball suddenly deviates in the flight, they change their position and move their hands in a way that would stop the score. Instead of being dumb people who just jump onto the left and let space for a tricked goal to the right, the goalie waits for you or the AI to make a move before making their mid-air flight.

Defensive Gameplay

Opponents in FIFA 15 have much better AI and automatically form a defensive position when you start scoring or moving too much near the goal post. Blocked shots are very common in the game even in the easy setting mode, which will give you a tough fight before you score something. Most games that we played were between two or three goals maximum, which is a new addition for the series. Earlier, it was much easier and not simulator like. But, if fans like this change, it is going to look more like a soccer sim in the upcoming years.

Players are more realistic and try to tug at the shirts of others to pull them back. But, glitches, where they manage to catch up even when you are way ahead, are seriously annoying every time. However, FIFA 15 continues to be the most comprehensive soccer experience available on multiple platforms and its style ideally suits most players without being a tough simulator to learn. The game looks exceptionally beautiful because it uses a new engine that is made for next gen consoles and is capable of rendering images much better than it used to be. A great game on new gen platforms!


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