Microsoft Discusses Everything about Halo 5 But Not Release Date

The publishers of the much touted exclusive of the console, Microsoft has been constantly talking about everything related to Halo 5 and another anniversary edition of the old version of the game.

But, even amidst all these hype and announcements of a new movie in the making, the company never spoke anything even remotely related to the release date of the game. Based on their silence and lack of information, the player community has already started speculating that it is going to be an early 2015 release. If they are going to bring out something so late, why would they show the teaser trailer during E3 2013? Maybe, they couldn’t find any speculation worthy at the time to show on the stage and choose to bring out the title to keep fans busy it was the time before Xbox One console got released.

Only Halo 2 Confirmed

The company was in a position to grab the attention of the media and it was a sure shot to use the best exclusive series of all time that will put them high on the pedestal. Now, things are spirally going down because fans want an actual release date but the company has moved on to talk about a special edition of a game that got released years ago. It sounds more like a filler that they plan to use as a decoy on the next gen console while the actual new game is ready for release. Phil Spencer from Microsoft openly talked about a Halo 2 anniversary edition and added that in a fictitious world that it existed, the game will have the best multiplayer features incorporated into it.

Halo 5 Trailer, Anyone?

Based on the announcements and interviews, it is nearly confirmed that instead of the most anticipated Halo 5, it will be Halo 2 that is going to be shown off during E3 2014. The anniversary edition will be unveiled during the conference and it is speculated that multiplayer beta keys for the new game will be distributed along with this special edition. While there is no official confirmation on a fall release date, players are eagerly expecting a full-fledged trailer of Halo 5 to be shown during this conference. As they already showed a teaser, it is time the publisher shows something more than a short video clip to keep everyone interested in the title.

Meanwhile, a movie and a television series is said to be in the making in association with Steven Spielberg. Another part of the news claims that it is not Spielberg but Ridley Scott who is working on a digital movie version of the upcoming title. Bringing video games successfully into theaters is not an easy task. Titles like Hitman and Tomb Raider are the only ones that enjoyed average success while most others were a dud in the box office. Microsoft is expected to reveal more about all their projects related to Halo 5 during the E3 press conference. With only weeks to go before the event takes place, it’s a short wait for everyone to know some solid news about the franchise.

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