5 Reasons Why You Should Buy the iPhone 6

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After few years of waiting and anticipating, Apple finally jumped on the bandwagon for bigger phones, even going into the phablet territory with the iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 is a completely new device, with a new design, new features, new OS and lots more. However, some things stayed the same. We present you with 5 reasons why you should buy the new handset from Apple.


Why Should You Buy?


  1. An excellent new design. As mentioned, Apple has changed the look of the handset. In the process of going bigger (screen size of 4.7 inches), Apple changed the design. The new device has rounded edges, curvier design, and has the power button moved to the side for easier one hand usage. The new design follows the trend of curvier phones, which are more ergonomic.


  1. A 64bit A8 Chip. Apple has introduced a 64bit chip for the new device. The new processor, while not much powerful on the first glance, just dual core clocked at 1.4GHz, is a completely new monster. Apple claims it delivers 30% more power and speed. Additionally, Apple has installed a separate, supportive chip for extra power and more battery efficiency.


  1. NFC technology. Android phones have had an NFC chip installed for quite some time now. But there is no revolution without Apple. The Cupertino based company intends to use the NFC technology for mobile payment and has already partnered with Visa, MasterCard and several retailers. This means your phone can be your wallet in the near future.


  1. HealthKit Application. Another revolutionary feature, Apple has added a HealthKit application in the new iOS 8. The application comes with several sensors, and is open for connection with third party applications. All in all, the HealthKit provides you with several information and inputs that make going to the doctor an easier task.


  1. New is always better. Let’s be honest, most of the Apple users cannot wait for a new device. And once a new iPhone is on the market, the old one goes to the box and never sees the light anymore. And just think of that Barney Stinson quote and rule, “new is always better”.



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