Apple Sent Invitations for September 9 Event: Updated Rumors on iPhone 6 and iWatch

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After months of waiting, Apple has finally sent invitations for the grand event, scheduled for September 9.

At the event, Apple will unveil the new iPhone 6 and several other devices. The message on the invitation is “Wish we could say more”. However, rumors regarding the latest updates of iPhone 6 are spreading on the internet like a disease.

The event will take place in the same Silicon Valley venue where Steve Jobs took the wraps off the original Mac computer, 30 years ago. Apple has held special events at the same place, since 2007, when they released the iPhone. However, this year’s event is highly anticipated and is expected to bring several revolutionary new devices and tweaks to the iPhone.

iPhone 6 Rumors

Everyone expects the star of the evening to be the new iPhone 6. The new version should boast a larger screen, now at 4.7 inches. Almost a whole inch than its predecessor, iPhone 6 will finally give Apple fans more space to operate. Experts believe that Apple could sell at least 70 million handsets in the first few months. For years, Apple has resisted to enter the larger screen market. However, this is probably the year that changes. Besides the bigger iPhone 6, rumors suggest an even larger device is in the making. There is no codename for the handset, but according to reports, it will be a 5.5 inch screen phablet. Because of the sapphire screen, customers can expect a more expensive iPhone. Sapphire screen is typically used in luxury watches, but Apple has managed to incorporate in its new smatphone as well, giving the iPhone 6 even more luxurious and premium feel.

Special features

Apple has already announced some of the new core features. They will be implemented in the new iOS 8, which will launch with the iPhone 6. Updates include new keyboard for typing, time lapse feature for video recording, indicator that shows which applications drain the battery, interactive notifications and smarter Siri.

Another special feature is the new reversible lighting cable. The cable allows users to plug their device into USB ports either way, as there is no right or wrong side.

New Devices

Apple hasn’t introduced a new product category since the launch of the iPad back in 2010. That is about to change. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, hinted several times this year that he is impressed by the popularity of smartwatches and intrigued by the possibilities, the wearable devices offer. This is why several experts believe an iWatch is in the making and will be unveiled at the grand event. Unveiling a smartwatch gives Apple a chance to talk more about new features like HomeKit and HealthKit. Additionally, it puts the company in the competition in a market largely dominated by Samsung in the past years. Another option is a smart television. Wall Street analysts, for months, have speculated that would be Apple’s next product category.

The exclusive event will be held at the Flint Center for Performing Arts in Cupertino. The event is scheduled for 10 am. The facility can seat up to 2300 people. There is no information whether the presentation would be streamed live. According to several sources, there will be no iPad updates at the event. Apple is expected to hold an iPad specific event in October.

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