Google Nexus 8 – Leaked photos before Google I/O

There were a lot of rumors about Google’s Nexus 8 early this year, but none with some solid tips about this device until a few days ago, when leaked photos of this tablet appeared on the internet. There are also reports which suggest that Google has been working on incorporating some advanced vision capabilities on their upcoming devices.

Some leaked photos of the Nexus 8 were published on website. Those leaked images revealed a wrapped Nexus 8 in an outer case. However, the case got in the way of the photo, obscuring what the table exterior will look like. But, the screen seems to have a few large icons. The website provided a few other details regarding the Nexus 8: it will come with a Qualcomm 64-bit ARM processor and 3GB of RAM, and it will run on the Android 4.5 OS.

There are rumors that Nexus 8 might come with another processor, an Intel Moorefield 64-bit chip. With the release of the Nexus 8, Google will come with the first 8inch tablet they ever made. The company released previously the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, having screens of 7 inches and respectively 10 inches.

However, Google didn’t make any formal announcement about the Nexus 8. “The Wall Street Journal” said that Google plans on testing around 4.000 prototypes which will feature in-depth sensors and two back cameras. They will also come with advanced software which will be capable to capture accurate three-dimensional images of objects. This project is expected to start this month (June).

It is believed that Google will come with more details about this, during its Google I/O event which will take place on June 25-26, 2014.



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