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The LINE app has accumulated a large number of users (in the millions) ever since it was first unveiled.

Its users come from all parts of the globe, and this means that you can chat with any other LINE user regardless of their country/location in the world.

Getting To Understand LINE App

LINE comes with multiple communication services that include the ability to send and receive messages, make calls for free to other users and even chat in groups. The best part is that this app does not limit users when it comes to the number of calls or messages they send.

On top of its ability to send messages and make calls without paying a dime, you can also share images with your LINE contacts and even leave them a voice message. That is not all – this app also allows you to comment on other users’ videos and photos. The line app also has a game component. This feature allows you to play games via this app. You just go to Google Play Store, choose the game you find most appealing and save it in your device’s memory.

Do you want to make your chat conversations more interesting and express more emotions? LINE app has a large selection of stickers you can use. This means more options to express emotions in your texts. This will liven up your communication via LINE’s chat features.

Awesome Apps You Can Use With LINE App


Special moments and celebrations should always be shared with friends and family. If you have hundreds of people, you would like to invite to a get-together or party without spending a dime on stamps, LINE card is what you need. You can now send all the invitations you want via LINE. You can even share a single card with all LINE users in your app.

LINE Camera

Take a photo using your iPhone or Android smartphone, and chances are that the quality of the photo will be okay. If you want more editing options for your camera, LINE has it all. It has editing features that will make your photos more charming and beautiful.

LINE Brush

This app is for those LINE app users who like drawing tables and pictures. Now, you can let your imagination go wild with this feature by turning them into real life works of art. If you are a focused and imaginative artist, you can draw then store your creations in the device via LINE app.


This LINE app is for video game lovers. Games are great for killing time and relieving stress. LINE was made with features that allow you to play games and enjoy yourself all day long. You also have the option of creating your own animation avatars thanks to the Perfect LINE Avatar.

LINE has these and many more features to keep you entertained and in touch with your loved ones. The best part about using LINE is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to do this.


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