WhatsApp Free Download – Will Offer Free Calls This Year?

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WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that enables its users to share media and text. It also includes video and voice messages with groups and individuals.

For WhatsApp to work you will need a data plan or Wi-Fi so you don’t have to worry about it, cutting into your monthly allotment for SMSs. WhatsApp has in excess of 450 million users.

This messaging app is one of the best, if not the best, messaging apps around today. However, competitors such as Viber had one advantage over WhatsApp and it was the ability to make free calls. In light of this, WhatsApp recently announced that they would be introducing a VoIP calling feature.

This feature would enable WhatsApp users to make phone calls and will be implemented somewhere in this year’s second quarter. Even so, it is still unclear when users will be able to have access to this feature.

The Speculations

In late 2013, Viber released features that resemble those found in Skype. These features enabled Viber users to make low-cost calls internationally. This resulted in some leaked screenshots of what WhatsApp VoIP may look like when on an iPhone. This upgrade that will allow you to make calls via WhatsApp will be downloadable from your phones App store.

According to iPhoneItalia, the VoIP interface will resemble that of the new updated IOS 7.1. It will have a round ‘end call button and each time a call is coming through, you will be able to see the caller’s name, photo and phone number. This new calling feature also comes with a camera button and it will be located at the top of the keyboard.

What WhatsApp have to say about it

According to Jan Koum, WhatsApp co-founder, iOS and Android WhatsApp editions will be the first to receive this calling feature. The Windows and Blackberry phones will get the WhatsApp calling feature a little later. This feature will also be free to use for WhatsApp users. Presently, you can only send recorded messages and voicemail features.

Koum also stated that this upgrade will take WhatsApp to the next level of evolution. It will also help WhatsApp in maintaining its mission to improving communication between people.

Features That Are Currently In WhatsApp

-You can send a person, your WhatsApp conversation history via email.

-You can change your chat wallpaper.

-You can save the photos you have received.

-Back-up your conversations.

-Create shortcuts to your conversations.

-Send your location, contacts, videos, pictures to your contacts. Not just instant messages.

-Broadcast your WhatsApp messages to many people at a go. You do not have to create a group for this. Just use the “broadcast” option.

Ads for revenue

It is still unclear how Facebook plans to monetize WhatsApp. Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, Koum and Zuckerberg have opted to remain quiet on the issue of using ads on WhatsApp to make money. Instead, Zuckerberg said that Facebook might make part of a cheap or free internet access especially in developing countries, all over the globe. This will be under the Internt.org Facebook project.

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