WhatsApp Top 18 Most Useful Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp is one the best messengers for mobile devices. It is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Java, Nokia etc. If you have an internet connection on your mobile phone, then you are able to send as many messages as you want, to anyone, for free. These messages can be sent as texts, images, audios or even videos.

1. Changing your Friend’s profile picture

You can change the way your Friend’s profile picture looks like, but that doesn’t mean that the other will see it the way you modified it. Keep in mind that only you will be able to see the picture that you chose. Just get a picture you find over the internet, resize it to 561×561 pixels and rename it with the mobile number your friend has. After that, go to SD Card->WhatsApp->profile Pictures and overwrite the existing file.

2. Hiding Last Seen on your WhatsApp

We know that some of the WhatsApp users really like this last seen feature on WhatsApp. However, there are some users who don’t really like it and want to have it disabled. If you want to hide your “last seen” feature from your WhatsApp you will have to download the “Not Last Seen” application, which can be installed without needing any ROOT access.

3. Share .rar, .apk, .zip and other kind of files using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is limited in sharing video, audio or image files. You have no option to share documents or any kind of other files on WhatsApp. However, you can trick this by installing some “things” on your device.

1. Install CloudSend and Dropbox.
2. Open CloudSend and allow it to link Dropbox with CloudSend.
3. Share to Cloudsend the file that you will want to share with your friends. This will upload the file to your dropbox and provide you a link to it.
4. Share the link to your friends which are using WhatsApp or any other messenger application and they will be able to download it without any problems.

4. How can you have multiple WhatsApp accounts on Android

One of the most wanted WhatsApp tricks is this one, since many users have phones that received dual-SIM support and they want to have separate WhatsApp accounts.

To do this, you will have to install the SwitchMe application. This application will allow you to create separate profiles on your smartphones that have different accounts, applications, data and system settings.

5. How to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages

In case you accidentally deleted your WhatsApp messages or you’ve lost messages due to a system error, don’t worry. WhatsApp is storing all your conversations to the SD card (by default). Go to your SD Card->WhatsApp->Database. Here you will see msgstore.db.crypt and it contains all the messages you have received and sent during the day, while files with the format msgstore-yyyy.dd.db.crypt will contain all WhatsApp messages that were received/sent in the last seven days. Open the files by using a simple text editor.

6. WhatsApp auto-image download control

WhatsApp added a new option which allows you to control automatic media files downloading. To do this, go to Settings->Chat Settings->Media auto-download and pick what suits you better.

7. How to use WhatsApp without having to enter your mobile number

In order to create a WhatsApp account, you will be required to use your mobile number. However, if you don’t want to use your phone number you will be able to still use WhatsApp to receive and send messages from it. Here are the steps that you need to take in order to trick WhatsApp:

1. Uninstall WhatsApp if you already have it installed on your device
2. Download and install WhatsApp again
3. Use flight mode in order to block your message service and open WhatsApp and add your number to it. This way, it will not be able to send messages to the server and verify your mobile number.
4. Since the verification is not done yet, WhatsApp will ask you to pick an alternative method to verify you. Then you will choose “verify through SMS” and enter your email address. After that, just tap Cancel and by doing this you will terminate the authorization process.
5. After that, you will need to install Spoof Text Message for your Android device or Fake-a-Message for your iPhone.
6. Go to Outbox->Copy the message details to spoof application and send it to spoofed verification.
7. You will have to use these details on your spoofed message: To: +4479000347295, From: +(your country code)(mobile number) and in the message you will write your email address and you’re done.

8. Hiding your WhatsApp Profile Picture

If you want to hide your profile picture, you will find WhatsApp Plus very useful. After installing WhatsApp Plus, you will be able to hide your profile picture.

9. Voice Notification on WhatsApp

If you don’t have time to access your phone to read WhatsApp notifications, you can change them into voice notifications. To do this, you will have to install “Voice for notification” and “Text-to-speech”. After that, you will have to turn accessibility on for the Voice notification application. To do this go to Settings->Accessibility and turn the accessibility settings ON for Voice, for the notification application. After that, just open “Voice for notification” and you will have option to read notifications for WhatsApp and other useful applications such as Gmail and Viber.

10. Finding your WhatsApp Stats

By using “WhatStat for WhatsApp” application you will be able to see how many messages you have sent since you installed the WhatsApp application. You can also see how many messages you’ve sent today or in the last 7 days. Go to Settings->Account->Network usage and you will be able to see all these things!

11. How to delete your WhatsApp account

Keep in mind that if you change your SIM card, your account will not be “terminated”. You will have to delete your WhatsApp account manually and to do this you will have to go to Settings->Account->Delete your account. You will be asked to type the phone number and after that your account will be deleted.

12. How to Change your Phone Number without Losing Messages

One of the most common issues that the WhatsApp users have, is when they change their mobile numbers and when they uninstall and install back WhatsApp with a new number. If you do this, you will lose all your previous messages.

Instead of doing this, just change the number by going to Settings->Account->Change Number. Here you will have to enter your old and new number and tap “Done”. Then, WhatsAp will send a message to the new number in order to have you verified. If you do this, your messages will remain intact.

13. Changing WhatsApp Themes

If you got bored of WhatsApp’s Themes and if you want a new interface for your WhatsApp account, then you will surely love the WhatsApp Plus Holo application. It will come with the default WhatsApp theme named “HOLO”, but you can also customize the WhatsApp interface in many ways. It has other themes also.

14. Two Images in One

Do you want to trick your friends by sending them a nice picture with some nice girl who later proves to be an old ugly woman? You can do this by installing Magiapp tricks for WhatsApp on Android or FhumbApp on your iPhone. By using one of these applications you will be able to hide one picture inside another one.

15. Spying your friends’ WhatsApp Account

Some of the most wanted programs are those that are used to “Spy” your friends’ WhatsApp accounts. Spymaster Pro is an application that has the capability to track and read the whole conversation and also track shared videos or photos too.

16. Extending WhatsApp licence for free

WhatsApp is free for the first year, but after that you will be required to pay 0.99 dollars/year. Even if this fee is not that high, some users don’t want to pay a cent for it. So, here is what you’ll need to do in order to extend WhatsApp’s license for free.

Delete your WhatsApp account and uninstall the application from your mobile. After that, convince one of your friends to register WhatsApp by using your number on his iPhone. Then verify your number from your friend’s iPhone and delete the account, but this time from your friend’s iPhone.

After that, install WhatsApp on your mobile phone and you will notice that your subscription is extended until 2022.

17. How to create Fake Chat/Conversations

If you want to trick your friends that you talked with some famous actor, then you will have to use the WhatSaid application. This application will allow you to create fake conversations with anyone you want. You will be able set a picture, name and create your own messages (for both you and the “fake” actor).

18. Adding pictures to your friends from phonebook using WhatsApp

If you haven’t assigned a display picture to a friend from your phonebook, then you can use the profile picture that your friend has on WhatsApp. Just go to your SD Card->WhatsApp->Profile Pictures and here you will have all the profile pictures of all your contacts from WhatsApp. Keep in mind that instead of your friends’ names, you will find their numbers, so first you will have to know their numbers to know which is their profile picture.

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