iPhone 6 with iOS 8 Release Date 2014 Is Long In Coming

Rumors regarding iPhone 6 have hit the tech world about a year ago.

However, Apple surprised its fans once again with a new model in the fifth generation – iPhone 5S. More than half a year passed by. These days, fans are anxiously waiting for the sixth generation, which is getting closer and closer.

Apple has always known how to keep tech enthusiasts connected and surprised. No spy shots, pictures, videos or official rumors ever hit the market. However, the sixth generation is so hunted that the press has gotten a few leaks to give potential customers something to glance on. Furthermore, Apple did announce the upcoming release of iOS 8, which is clear to come along with the iPhone 6 release date for 2014.

Most rumors are based on Apple’s attempts to always be one step ahead the competition. This year, the American manufacturer has waited until the competition has released its ultimate gadgets. The market was hit with Sony Xperia Z2, HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5. This way, the Apple engineers know exactly what kind of features and technologies they have to overcome. So far, the most common rumors talk about the screen size. Some specialists claim on 4.7 inches, while others count on an exquisite upgrade to 5.5 inches.

The iPhone 6 release date for 2014

Most specialists estimate the release to kick in September. Overtime, it was very easy to notice that Apple follows a specific cycle. Most products are released around the same time every year. The latest fifth model was released in September, 2013. Therefore, the sixth one is expected for the same month. There are, however, a few rumors about slipping to October though.

According to some close sources related to Deutsche Telekom, it seems that some employees are already aware of the official release date. Unsurprisingly, the day perfectly matches the common Apple calendar. In conclusion, the new iPhone 6 is scheduled for a Friday, September, 19-th. Only time can tell if this information is correct, although it comes from a reliable source. Apple will definitely mention the big day with up to a few weeks before. Besides, the big day may also match a few other releases, such as for the Apple iWatch accessory.

There are definitely a lot of other claims and conflicting details, yet most people seem to be tired about all these false reports. Unless anything huge is about to happen, most specialists claim on the fall season. The best way to rush the iPhone 6 release date for 2014 is to avoid thinking about it. Just let yourself surprised.

How about the screen size?

So far, Apple has lost the battle in size. While its gadgets are small, easy to keep in one hand and carry around, it is clear that the world needs a change. The constant demand for large units has become very harsh lately. Apple is finally ready to deliver though. Some rumors claim on two different iPhone 6 models. One of them is supposed to be 4.7 inches in size, which is the main replacement for the already old fashioned 5S model. The second model is a cocktail of tablets and phones – a phablet. It will most likely have 5.5 inches in size. It seems that this new model will be known as iPhone Air, only to prevent any misunderstandings and confusions. With all these, it will be considered to be part of the sixth generation.

Other than that, the iOS 8 will be yet another important change, while some voices count on a more powerful camera as well.

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