Waze and Google Maps Teamwork Will Delete “Lost” Word

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Some time back, Google won the bidding war to purchase the navigation app based in Israel called Waze.

While many people think that Waze is just another map app, it is not so. It is a navigational, social experience.

There are hundreds of thousands of drivers on the road, who rely on Waze. Waze users normally give information, like where there is ongoing construction or where an accident has occurred and how slowly the traffic is moving, on a certain route.

What Is Google Maps and Waze?

Google Maps is a navigation app that has long been a favorite of many Android and iOS users. The maps by Google Maps are beautiful, you get transit time data and even real-time traffic information. It also has add-on features that will still not hinder the app’s main function, which is to show you how you can move from one point to another.

On the other hand, Waze is a GPS navigation application. This app provides you with driving directions for each turn you make to either a destination you have searched or a destination you have saved. One of the things that have made Waze grow in popularity is its real-time traffic information. This information pops up when you are on your route.

It is based on both passive and active feedback provided by other users. Active feedback makes it possible for Waze users to report speed traps, heavy traffic, accidents and any other information that might affect another person’s trip.

The Google and Waze teamwork

When Waze users first heard that Google had purchased the app, they started wondering whether they will be forced to stop using some of the Waze features. As a result, Google incorporated the most important Waze features into Google Maps. What’s more, Google places real-time info about the causes of traffic on a specific route.

All these changes made on Google Maps should not be seen as borrowing the cutesy design created by Waze. It should, instead, be seen as the extraction of pertinent information. Look at it this way; a while back, many people would use their GPS, Waze and Google maps when they wanted to find out information about certain routes.

Now that Google has incorporated important information in one platform, you only have to open Google Maps to get all the information you need. Even with these updates, Google has not ditched Waze just yet. Both apps, Google Maps and Waze, are still running and this has made these two apps the most powerful separate applications from one company.

Do You Get Google Maps Or Waze?

The app you decide to get is based on your personal preference. It is however better to have both since there are some features that are still in Waze that are yet to be incorporated into Google Maps.

The best part is that anyone can get both apps. Even if you know your routes pretty well, you can never predict accidents and roadblocks. Both apps make it easy for you to know where you are going and any incidents between you and your destination.

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