Battlefield Hardline Is Priced Right, Says Visceral Games

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When Battlefield Hardline was confirmed right before E3 2014, fans were not so happy with the announcement and their fear was confirmed when the beta version got released.

The game had too much resemblance to Battlefield 4, right from the maps to weapons, vehicles and game play style. Even the achievements and objectives were quite similar; but instead of the known military stuff, they were all replaced by a familiar cops’ skin. People started calling it as BF4 with a new skin pack which the developers at Visceral games are trying to sell off as an entirely new title, even though it is just re-skinned to look like a new game, which it is not.

While what the gaming community opines, is somewhat true, one has to accept the fact that the developers have put in at least two years of hard work to come up with an entirely new single player campaign. Given their mettle with the Dead Space titles, it can be assumed that they will have a better story telling style than the previous games which lacked a great single player campaign while they were all some of the best multiplayer titles ever made. Defending their stand on the criticism, executive producer Steve Papoutsis took to Twitter to handle questions from fans and answered many of them with genuine interest in entertaining their players.

The Twitter Interview

When fans repeatedly asked questions about Battlefield Hardline being priced at $60, which is a full game price, while its elements looks fairly similar to Battlefield 4, Papoutsis replied in a tweet saying, “We have all new multiplayer modes, new maps to explore, new weapons, animations, voice-overs, music, progression, models and everything else that are new. With so much effort put into the game, you cannot refer to it as a rehash of the same game, but it is a stand-alone title, that has so much new stuff to offer.

Apart from all this, there is a new development team involved with Hardline which has meticulously worked for more than two years. They have poured their heart and souls into the title for such a long time, which matters a lot in catering to the excitement that players are going to experience.” Actually, such long messages cannot be conveyed in one tweet. So, the executive producer shot multiple responses to clarify to their audience that they are indeed committed to delivering a great game and it will not be the same, but rather a title that can justify the full price tag on its own.

Single Player Campaign and 64 Player Maps

Throughout its existence, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 had focused on allowing up to 64 players to compete with each other on a map which has been its selling point. The number competitively worked in PCs when compared to older generation consoles, but new gen should handle it pretty well. Papoutsis confirmed the same that Battlefield Hardline will feature 64 player maps and that they will be supporting the game post launch. ‘If things go well as we planned, we will be stoked to continue our support to the gaming community,’ he tweeted.

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