Adobe Flash Player 14 – New Features Create a Buzz

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Adobe Flash Player is an indispensable program for all internet users.

The flash player application enables users to watch interactive net content. It allows the user to play online games, make use of an array of applications, watch videos, view business presentations and more. All of this is made possible, if only, you have installed the Adobe Flash Player on your system. The program would occupy a small amount of disk space incorporated in your system. In return, you would be able to benefit from a complete internet experience. The best part – it does not matter what browser you would make use of. The Adobe Flash Player runs fine on both Mac and Windows.

Since the Flash is used by various websites, Adobe Flash Player becomes an essential plug-in for a greater part of internet browsers. Mostly, the Adobe flash player is incorporated in various web browsers. Adobe Flash Player maintains a plethora of formats. It is inclusive of both data and media files. In addition, the virtual file comes equipped with several advanced features. It includes accelerated graphics representation, multithread video decoding, widespread privacy controls, webcam support for Stage Video and more.

Adobe Flash Player comes with regular updates, to provide the user with reliable support for viewing multimedia content on the web. The updated version of Adobe flash player includes the latest technologies and regardless of the operating system or the device you use, Adobe Flash Player works for every user. The Flash player caters a cautious yet powerful presence. Adobe software would provide color and life to your net browsing experience.

New Features in Flash Player 14

The latest Adobe Flash Player version 14, codename ‘Lombard’ can be downloaded from Adobe’s website free. It encompasses latest features for browser-based, meaningful content.

This beta release of Adobe Flash Player incorporates latest features, enhancements and bug fixes related to device compatibility, performance, stability and security for Flash Player version 14.

  • PPAPI Debugger for Windows and Mac OS X.

A preview of PPAPI Content Debugger is now available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Flash Developers making use of Google Chrome (dev and Canary) and Opera (dev) can now make use of PPAPI Content Debugger.

  • Anisotropic Filtering

The latest texture-sampling filter is capable of enhancing image quality of textures on surfaces placed at slanted viewing angles. However, there are two methods to do this.

  • Latest Stage3D “Standard” Profile

Developers can now appeal the high level Stage3D Profile when building Context3D. It comes with three distinct features.

  • Intel x86 Android Support

Additional support for Intelx86 has been added in the latest Flash Player 14.

  • Enhanced Packaging Engine iOS

Adobe made enhancements and bug fixes on latest packaging engine iOS, based on feedback received from the developer community.

  • AIR Gamepad

This feature enables the developers to provide a second display on Android smartphones for the Flash based browser gaming. It enables the Flash based browser application to link with a paired Android gadget running with AIR Runtime application. It would allow the Android gadget to use second display interfaces or game controllers.

The Adobe Flash Player version 14 is free to do be downloaded from Adobe’s website.

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