Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Price, Specs and September Release Date Rumors

After a summer of speculations, the news is finally out.

Samsung may release its new smartphone, Galaxy Note 4 at an event on September 3rd. The highly anticipated phone is finally knocking on our doors. With that being said, there are still speculations considering price, specifications and everything else. While some things are supposedly known, it is all speculation until September 3rd. We present you some of the rumors.


The least you can expect is 5.7 inches, but rumors go as far as 5.9 or even 6 inch screen size, matching LG Flex. Leaked photos and specs say the size will be 5.7, but you never know. The screen should have Quad HD resolution, with resolution of 1440 x 2560. Rumors are spreading that Samsung may give up on the Super AMOLED display, and opt for the more cost efficient PLS LCD technology. At the moment, the possibilities are that it might be standard or curved screen. The device, as always, will come with the genuine Samsung S-pen. Some features such as recognition of personal handwriting for unlocking are rumored. Color options will include Black, Shimmery White, Electric Blue and Copper Gold. We have also seen several rumors that the device might have flexible display.


Inside the massive smartphone, there should be a quad core 450 chip, clocked up to 2.7GHz. Rumors go as far as suggesting a second version with the octa core processor. Both processors will target different markets. Another possibility is the 64 bit processor. Note 4 should also see bump in RAM memory, up to 4 GB.

Operating System

A new version of Android is expected in September, and it can be Android 4.5 or even 5.0. It is only logical to expect the Galaxy Note 4 to come with the latest software, and maybe even promote it.


Not much is said about the camera, but the expectations are that Note 4 will premiere 16 MP rear camera with optical image stabilization, auto focus and dual LED flash. It supposedly can shoot videos up to 2160p@30fps.

Storage and Memory

According to the rumors, the new smartphone from Samsung will come with 16, 32 and 64 GB variants of internal memory.

Special Features

Some suggest that the Note 4 will come with dust and waterproof design, same as the S5. Another special feature is the Retina scanner and the UV sensor.


There is still no info about the price of Note 4. Rumors are floating with numbers from $900 up to $1000, similar to the S5.

With so many rumors about Note 4, nothing is certain. However, one thing is sure. Samsung will continue to dominate the phablet market. The company has three dates for unpacked event in 2014, and it is possible that they will promote Note 4 in three different continents at the same time. Samsung plans to conquer North America, Europe and Asia.

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