Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6

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Nexus handsets are considered to be the best Android devices by Google; the very well optimized OS and hardware specs offer the best experience.

Though many devices have similar features, makers try to distinguish the products by adding some unique functions that please the users, leading to a great innovation from past couple of years.

The most anticipated models, Nexus 6 and iPhone 6 are already in talks, with leaked specs, images, features, showcasing how these models conquer the already popular devices. These days, people look into each and every specification of smartphone and camera has become the integral part, where people opt for high-end megapixel cameras.

Both devices are set to launch this year; with the upcoming releases, both handsets have triggered a lot of rumors related to core specs and how different they look in comparison with their previous phones.

Look and Feel

A leaked footage showed that iPhone6 company logo wouldn’t be there on backside, while IR blaster and wireless charger would come as compliment.

Nexus will get a bigger 5.5-in display with ultimate screen resolution, which would compete with LG G3’s similar gigantic screen. Dave Burke, Android engineering chief of Google said in a recent press meet that Nexus 6 would be an improved and better version of 5 series and users can expect anything from the flagship model.

As of now, HTC and Motorola are the possible OEM users for next Nexus models; iPhone6 will be available in 4.7-in and bigger 5.5-in for the first time, while 2560 x 1440 pixels make it an impressive resolution. iPhone 6 gets anodized aluminum body and sapphire glass, presenting a sophisticated look.

It’s also being said that Nexus 6 will be available with 5.9-inches display that makes it a phablet; though it isn’t confirmed by anyone yet, it would not be surprising to see a forthcoming Nexus with 4.95 inches screen. It gets 2.7 GHz quad core Krait 450 processor and is expected to run on Android 4.5 or 5 OS, while Apple iphone6 will run on iOS8. Both models support micro S card for extended memory.

Battery Life

The battery life of Nexus6 is around 3100mAh that would solve all the older battery issues; however, Apple is known for offering the best recharge specs with iPhone6 getting 200mAh. Both models support fingerprint scanners and NFC. Nexus 6 is IP67 certified as it’s dust and water resistive. Yet, there is no confirmation from Apple about iPhone6 being dust or water resistant exterior.

Release Date

As per revealed details, it looks like both models may steal the center stage; Google would release Nexus 6 in either Oct or Nov, while Apple’ iPhone 6 would be launched in Sept.

With Samsung’s Note 4 and Apple’s iPhone6 creating lot of buzz in the mobile market much before their launches, Google is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to Nexus 6. Ever since their collaboration with Nexus in 2010, the makers have been releasing powerful and smarter handsets. It’s rumored that Google would release the phone during I/O conference, while Apple would launch on Sept 8th.


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