Xiaomi Mi4 vs iPhone 6 – Would Mi4 Beat iPhone 6?

We’ve heard all the rumors about Apple’s iPhone 6 and how it’s going to influence the tech world, but recent reviews of Xiaomi’s Mi4 say that this handset will be strong competition to the smartphone. The Mi4 will be priced at $320.00 which makes it significantly cheaper than the iPhone 6, which is a great plus for the Chinese company. Its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi3 has received over 100.000 demands in a matter of seconds when it was released in India, which is quite impressive seeing how the company had prepared only 20.000 phones.

The tech market is expecting very great things from the iPhone 6, Morgan Stanley speculating that the launch on this handset is a great opportunity to invest in Apple. As AppleInsider tells us, this recommendation from Morgan Stanely made the shares to get to $100 on August 19th in the middle of the day. Apple has got this going for them, but how will they match the fierce competition the iPhone 6 will encounter when it hits the market?

Xiaomi is becoming a worthy opponent even to the tech giants on the market like Apple and Samsung. The company had more sales than Samsung did in China this year: Canalys, a firm that researches the market, found out that the Chinese company had 14% of the sales this year, while Samsung, Yulong and Lenovo only had 12%. The Wall Street Journal reports that Xiaomi had the very first spot in the sales in China in the second quarter. The company is doing incredibly well: they raised their sales in the first quarter by 7%, and by 5% in the second quarter.

Seeking Alpha reports that not only the price, which is extremely convenient is great about the new smartphone from Xiaomi, but also its specs. The Mi4 is equipped with a full HD display measuring 5 inches. The device is powered up by a processor which is paired up with the Snapdragon 801 chipset from Qualcomm and that is backed up by an impressive amount of 3 GB. These specs are very similar to what the Samsung Galaxy S5 brings to the table in terms of quality, and we are sure it will stand tall in a comparison with the iPhone 6.

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