Half Life 3 Release Date: Top News about the Much Loved Action Game

One of the most played action games of all time, the Half Life series is all set to deliver its next game in the line-up, this time packing more punch and action into the game.

The game has won many hearts of action lovers around the world and Half Life 3 is a much awaited game from the franchise. It is a first person shooter game that combines action and strategy, giving the players an opportunity to exploit the benefits of playing on a next gen video console like the XBox and Play Station 4. The announcement that it will be an eighth gen console specific game has created much stir among the players, who are obsessed with high resolution graphics and  great playing experience that only the newer consoles can offer.

Valve, the company behind this well accepted Half Life franchise, has been keeping mum on the release of the game or the new features that the players can expect. However, the gamers and speculators believe that the game will release quite soon and would have all the latest features and gadgets.

The Story

The Half Life series is all connected and began as a result of a scientific experiment conducted by Gordon Freeman at a facility called the Black Mesa Research facility to analyze a crystalline artifact. The experiment, however, does not progress as planned and opens up a rift between the Black Mesa facility and some other world, causing monsters and aliens to storm the facility and the Earth, thereby threatening complete eradication of the population. A team is sent to silence the Black Mesa facility and rescue survivors. Meanwhile, Freeman and a group of scientists decide to travel to the other world, Xen, and destroy the source of the alien monsters.

The game has been released and the story has been continued in four parts, Half Life 1 and 2 which were full versions, while Half Life 2 – Episode One and Two were shorter versions. The game has won more than fifty ‘Game of the Year’ awards and is one of the best first person shooter action games in the current gaming world. It has served as an inspiration for many games and game makers and hence, the upcoming version Half Life 3 has set quite high standards for itself.

Rumors Regarding the Game

There were rumors that Valve, the parent company of the game, was interested in making more of multi player games rather than concentrating on the final installment of the Half Life series. The change in the company’s plan has been attributed to the huge success that multi player games are enjoying in today’s markets. However, putting an end to all speculation, the company has finally announced that the upgrade of Half life is underway and more details would be out soon. The rumors are settled with that for now.

Open World Environment

Another rumor is that the new game Half Life 3 could be based in the open world environment unlike its other installments. The final result is yet to be seen.

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