Boom Beach – Defeating the Blackguards without Spending a Dime

Boom Beach is a game where you are required to fight blackguards, who keep attacking local islanders.

In order to make headway in this game, you need a strong defensive back up, before travelling to other islands and helping the locals to reclaim their property. With scarce resources and minimum troops, you will have to spare your cash and use it carefully.  Here are some tips to help you track and enjoy the game.

Managing Your Time

The game involves building structures and buildings on the islands. Just like real life, some buildings take longer to build, while others take a shorter time. For you to be successful, build structures that take a shorter time, while you are still playing the game and those that take longer, when you are just about to quit the game.

Saw Mill Upgrading

Most things in this game are made from wood.  At times, wood becomes a rare commodity, which in turn causes chaos and havoc in the game. So, anytime you have the chance, make sure that you have upgraded your sawmill factory.

Wood, Then Stone and Iron

After starting up the buildings with wood, it is advisable that you reinforce the structures with stone and iron for a stronger structure. You can easily get stones by winning battles. If the stones are not very important at that time, just stock them up for later use.

Base Attack Is the Best Option

Set everything up for battle, look at the environment and have your weapons straight. It is much easier to attack your enemy from the base than to attack from outside. Attacking at the base ensures 99.9% damage and less time is spent.

If You Can, Build Many Residential Areas

More residences earn you more coins. If you have residential areas, make sure you upgrade them every now and then, so as to keep your people safe and comfortable. You will clearly need coins for your travelling expenses. Thus the more residents you have, the more coins you get, and the more travelling you do. More travelling gives you a chance of winning many islands.

Patience Pays

A building can take 30 minutes to build. The same building can take less time, to be built, if you pay the builders with diamonds. Just like real life, diamonds are rare to find and very expensive. Many people will tend to pay the building off with diamonds, for faster building. This will cost them real money in the end, because diamonds are very rare in the game. Take stock of your resources and gauge whether it will be better to wait for those thirty minutes without extra spending or rush the building process and incur heavy costs.

The Bottom Line

It is evident that Boom Beach is a game that relates with the reality of life. This calls for tactical measures and thinking just like the way you think in our real life endeavors. Use the tips to become a better Boom Beach player.

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