Halo 5 – Agent Locke and Master Chief

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Since long, the Halo series has been a flag bearer for Microsoft.

Designed to push the limits of what an Xbox can do, the entire Halo series has become almost a staple to this next gen console. With Halo 5, 343 Industries is offering a whole new experience for Xbox owners. Halo 5 Guardians is all set to make you go crazy over it.

Agent Locke

The upcoming TV show Halo: Nightfall follows the story of Agent Locke, who comes to Halo 5 as a playable character. At the San Diego Comic Con, the production team and stars of the TV show had a panel discussion, where they revealed more about their main character – Agent Locke. According to the series team, Agent Locke is a manhunter – and a notorious one at that. In the series, Locke comes to Sedra to investigate ongoing terrorist activities in the colony. He is also charged with the task to meet with the Colonial Guard, which is embittered and very poorly equipped for a force of that importance.

Halo: Nightfall

Ridley Scott, one of the most revered directors and producers in Hollywood, is the man behind Halo: Nightfall. The attempt is to cash in on the raging popularity of the game. In his series, he is attempting to complement Halo 5 by establishing a back story on him. Understanding Agent Locke’s backstory can be really beneficial for the game, because this is the first time since the second installment of Halo, that players will have a playable character other than Master Chief. Giving Locke a backstory and making him more amenable to his audiences, certainly seems like the right move.

Master Chief in Halo 5

At the end of Halo 4, Master Chief is seen as a completely distraught mess. He is unhappy because of the loss of Cortana and is both mourning the loss and grieving for it. In the trailer for Halo 5, it is apparent that he is in some other parts of the galaxy, wandering and trying to restore things – presumably Cortana, which is all but lost. Agent Locke, with his new instructions and charge, will be responsible for locking in his position and hunting him down.

Arbiter and Agent Locke

If you have seen the trailer for the Master Chief Collection, you would have seen Arbiter and Agent Locke in deep conversation, talking about Master Chief. Arbiter was the only other playable character in the Halo series. The Master Chief Collection certainly tries to establish a connection and a relationship between the three. It is not clear whether the three are enemies or friends. With Agent Locke and Arbiter now working closely, only time will tell whether they would be able to team up to find Mater Chief or is there a story of double crossing brewing there. If they are eventually able to join forces, they would be able to battle with far greater enemies than they could have taken on, on their own. That, and the fact that Halo 5 will run on a completely new engine and will get a whole new round of improvements, makes it one of the most anticipated titles of our times.

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