Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update Submitted for Certificate Testing

The most anticipated fan favorite Title Update 14 is ready.

4J Studios has officially announced in their twitter page that the TU14 for Minecraft Xbox 360 has been submitted to Microsoft for certificate testing process. There is no news on how long the company will take to analyze the features and approve it for release. It is only a matter of days or weeks before they decide to release it to the public. The speculation was exceptionally overwhelming for this release and it was so much that the studio could hardly handle it.

They admitted it in their social media conversations. The team said that fans are pouring questions repeatedly on the tu14 release date but it could still be weeks away. It is now confirmed that their statement was made only to keep the hype down and get time to work on their updates. The announcement was made two weeks ago but the release date is very close already. All that is remaining is for Microsoft to verify the update and complete the certificate testing process in time. With huge expectations from fans, there is no reason that the company should delay this process as they are now under pressure. The focus will shift entirely from 4J Studios and be on Microsoft now.

TU14 Now in Microsoft’s Hands

The news is a sweet surprise and for all fans who were eagerly expecting a tentative date for the title update. It came out of nowhere because a couple of days ago, 4J Studios informed that they are busy fixing bugs in the update. They said that the release date is close because after fixing so many bugs, there are few left to go. Within days since this statement was made, the studio has clarified that they are through with the process and submitted the same to Microsoft. If Minecraft Xbox 360 players are happy for this, there are plenty of reasons for Xbox One owners to join the celebration as well.

4J Studios will now have their entire time dedicated to developing and releasing the next gen console versions as soon as possible. In their Twitter feed, they confirmed that it is not only Xbox 360 version but the PS3 version has been submitted for certificate testing too. With all the older generation console releases over, they will have nothing to do but get the new games ready. It will be fun and exciting to see how Minecraft plays on the new powerful machine.

Upcoming Features

The developing team earlier promised that they would be releasing an official list of changes coming with the title update 14. You can head to the forums to know the features that are making its way to Minecraft Xbox 360 version. The list is exceptionally huge and it will take a while to read through it fully. All the promised updates are there, plenty of bugs have been fixed to enhance the game play factor and some new features are coming up to make the game more addictive than it already is. Get ready for an announcement from Microsoft, very soon.

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