FIFA 15 Will Not Feature Brazilian Domestic Leagues

EA is leaving no stones unturned for their upcoming soccer game FIFA 15, but they have failed to acquire domestic leagues from Brazil, due to licensing issues and despite their quest for realism, this is going to stick as a sore thumb for the entire year.

The company made the announcement officially on their EA Sports websites, where they said that there is an issue with how players are licensed in those leagues; but no further detail was provided.

The irony here is that FIFA 14, a game that got released in 2013, had officially licensed Brazilian teams, but in the new game, you may not be able to play as Ronaldinho, Kaka or Pato. While they are not the only players in the game, there are gamers who really love Kaka, among others, who will not be featured in the upcoming FIFA 15 game. In the sports industry, changes take place almost every week and with the game’s release date set in September, there are chances that if these players get shifted to a different league they will be featured in the title.

EA Sports Update

In their official website, the company said that they love sharing good news about the game and all the new features that they have been implementing, in it. But, they are also responsible for informing their fans of any changes that are being made to FIFA 15. The company apologized for not being able to reach an agreement, with the Brazilian leagues, because of which, these domestic leagues will not be featured in the game; but they have managed to bring the Brazil National Team for the new game.

There will also be star players in other top leagues, who come from Brazil and are part of the game. EA added that even though a formal announcement is being made at this point, the communication line between Brazilian right holders and Electronic Arts is still open. This invariably means that the teams have not been finalized yet and there could be plenty of changes before the game’s official release date.

Gamescom 2014 Update

In the conclusion of their official blog, announcing the lack of Brazilian domestic leagues, EA added that Gamescom 2014 is going to be an important event, where they have planned to reveal more about leagues and licenses which are part of FIFA 15. The game is scheduled to get released in North America on September 23, while its European release date is on September 26. The game’s official cover star will be Messi once again, for global promotions, while Clint Dempsey and another player will be featured alongside Lionel Messi, in select continents.

The game features an all new engine which is expected to feature realistic ball movement, visible breathing, responsive ground and players who slam into each other to take control of the ball. Gamescom is also going to house the reveal of PES 2015, the competing soccer title of the FIFA series, which is being published by Konami every year. It’s going to be a tough call at Germany this month.

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