GTA 5 – Get Ready For High Life Update This Week

Get ready to lead the luxurious life that you have always been dreaming off with GTA 5 because the High Life update is launching this week and it’s going to bring a whole lot of additions to it including luxury cars as well as posh premium apartments in the city center.

You will now have the ability to own some fantastic real estate properties in the virtual world including in places like Eclipse Towers and the popular Richards Majestic. Players are exceptionally excited not only because of the High Life update but for the one that is coming right after this. It is the most anticipated DLC ever the online Heists which will allow players to team up and indulge in heists that pay off a great sum.

Luxury Real Estate Available

Compared to other downloadable content released so far, this one is much more interesting and will finally make the game extremely addictive than it already is. Apart from the luxury apartments that players will be able to buy, the new update will also add four new vehicles and a weapon that will add more elements to the game. Grand Theft Auto has always been famous for its huge maps and these DLCs are designed to make use of the huge space that it offers. The garage will get bigger once you download the update which can now store more than two cars and they will be organized in the order that you park them. Those that you use frequently should be parked at the last so that they are ready to drive off whenever you need them.

New Weapon and Contact Missions

The Bullup Rifle will be an exclusive addition with the High Life update which makes things interesting in GTA 5. Players will be able to fight enemies with more powerful weapons and defend themselves better against surprise attacks. A new Mental State awareness of a player will show you how friendly or hostile the person is. You will have the opportunity to judge them from their previous behavior and if they have been termed psychotic due to multiple assaults in the past, it’s always wise to draw your rifle and get ready to fire if your opponent starts an attack. There will be five different contact missions as part of the new update besides the No Collision option when driving races.

So far, enemies can hit your vehicle when in a race which alters the outcome and it is often used as a cheat tactic that players have been complaining off. Rockstar will now remove this feature which will make all vehicles participating in the race translucent to one another so as to make sure they can’t bump into each other. However, the pedestrians and the vehicles in the map can be collided with if you are driving in the wrong lane. This adds difficulty to races with multiple hurdles but it stops players from cheating by throwing their opponent out of the track. There will be 15 new jobs, new wardrobe to choose from and vehicle horns with various other new additions.

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