Clash of Clans – Top Tricks for a Full Guide of Gold, Buldings and Spells

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If you want your village to grow fast and without wasting necessary resources, never ever let the Town Hall to be higher in level than the rest of your buildings. Always try to maximize all the other buildings after upgrading your Town Hall.

At the same time, you will want to have as much as builders as you can, so do not spend any gems on useless things such as instantly leveling up a building. Instead, save the gems for buying builder huts. You can get the 3rd builder by just hunting 1250 trophies. Also you will want to donate as many troops as you can, because you will get 250 Gems for 25.000 troops.

After you’ll get into the crystal league, you will obtain another 250 gems as a bonus and you will have enough for your 4th builder hut. Keep in mind that you can earn free gems by using social media, where you’ll get some “likes”, and this kind of stuff.

Gold and Elixir loot

When you raid, you will be able to steal only 20% of available resources from storages, which is capped at 198.000. However, you can steal 50% of the resources that are in the collectors and mines. In addition, 1k of each resource can be stolen from the Town Hall.

With other words, the maximum calculate loot for each resource that can be stolen from a player who has max collectors and mines and full storages is: 198.000 + (7×75.000) + 1k = 724.000

This is how much you can get before the loot penalty or bonus is applied. Below, you will see the bonus and penalty that you can get for attacking someone who has a lower or a higher Town Hall than yours.

5% of loot = when your TH is 4 levels higher than the one you attack

25% of loot = when your TH is 3 levels higher than the one you attack

50% of loot = when your TH is 2 levels higher than the one you attack
90% of loot = when your TH is 1 level higher than the one you attack

100% of loot = when your TH is equal than the one you attack

110% of loot = when your TH is 1 level lower than the one you attack

150% of loot = when your TH is 2 levels lower than the one you attack

200% of loot = when your TH is 3+ levels lower than the one you attack

The order you should upgrade your buildings

Defensive buildings:

  1.  Splash defensive buildings – Wizard Towers and Mortars
  2.  Air Defense
  3.  Walls
  4.  Inferno Tower and X-Box
  5.  Archer Towers, Cannons and Teslas
  6.  Traps

Offensive buildings:

  1.  Army Camps
  2.  Laboratory
  3.  Barracks
  4.  Spell Factory

Resources Upgrades:

1. Storages

2. Collectors & Mines

Base Layout

There are 3 types of base layouts: hybrid, defensive and offensive.

The farming layout is set to protect your resources as much as possible, without carrying much about the trophies. The defensive layout is intended to protect your trophies and not carrying much about the lost resources. The hybrid is a combination between farming and protection.

Keep in mind that no base is perfect and you will always be vulnerable to some kinds of attacks and strategies.

Do not build your village in a basic square design! Instead, keep your base sectored and offset your wall sectors, preventing a small amount of wallbreakers to open your entire base by destroying only one sector of walls.

Try to use your traps as effectively as possible, since these traps might help you win the battle. See where your weak spots are and put some traps there, while placing some of them close to your mortars also, because they are always useful in this combination.


RAGE: Even if all your units benefit from the rage boost, you will want to use it for the slow offensive troops such as Giants, Dragons or Balloons.

HEAL: After you send some troops such as Giants, to tank all the damage, you will want to use this heal spell to keep them alive as your other troops destroy the village you are raiding.

LIGHTNING: This spell can be used in three ways: 1. Kill a mortar/wizard tower; 2. CC troops that are close to each other; 3. Farm dark elixir.

JUMP: This is best used on your Golems, Giants and Pekkas. When using this spell, all the troops in that area will be able to jump over the walls.

FREEZE: This spell should be used against a level 10 Town Hall to disable the Inferno Towers.

Keep in mind that Clash of Clans is played by a lot of players and there are new strategies and tricks that appear daily. We will try to keep you updated with any new tips, tricks and strategies that are found.

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