Intricacies of Google Talk That You Must Understand

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Over the last decade, the number of communication applications and web services has increased.

If you consistently use Gmail, there is a high likelihood that you have heard of or even used Google Talk or Gtalk. For quite a long time, Google has been a big competitor in the flooded niche of IM platforms. Most Google Talk users have used this IM app for a long time, and with good reasons. Google Talk makes it easy for users to communicate in real-time and with ease.

Understand Google Talk

Google Talk provides its users with services that enable them to make voice calls via VoIP technology. It also enables users to communicate with other users in real time, no matter their location. This service is free to use and is integrated with the user’s Gmail account. Unlike other chat services, Gtalk only requires you to have a Gmail account to be able to use it. The best part is that Gtalk is compatible with Mac (having a few Linux functions) and Windows devices. Other than accessing Google Talk via your Gmail account, you can also download it separately, as an independent program.

How to Use Google Talk’s Features

Conference calls: You can make conference calls using Gtalk. What you do is open Gtalk in all the computers you want to communicate with. Once all have been opened, create a Gtalk shortcut then at the end add ‘/nomutex’. If this had been installed in some default folder, the shortcut is going to look like this: ‘C:PROGRAM FILESgooglegoogle talkgoogletalk.exe’ /nomutex.

Go on all your computers and then open a second Gtalk window. Create it in such a way that user 1 will be able to connect with user 2 and so on until the chain comes back to user one. This connects all computers.

Changing Statuses and Nicknames

It is not possible for you to change your nickname and expect others to see it. The reason being that the nickname is what makes up the name you have used for your Gmail account. If you would like to change the nickname, you will have to change it via the Gmail account. Here is how: Settings bar>accounts>edit info>click on 2nd radio button>enter the name you want to use. When you make this change, you will also change the nickname that you were using in your emails.

Broadcast Music and Sound

You can actually broadcast music and MP3 via Goggle Talk. Do this by unplugging your microphone and then double click on the speaker icon (located at the lower right corner end). This will open volume control. Then click on options>properties>enable recording>ok. You may also have to change the settings for your mixer device.

Some Features That Come With Gtalk

Gtalk has many amazing features and some of them include:

-Ability to open and chat with people on multiple windows.

-Ability to track conversations you had in the past.

-You can get voice mail messages.

-You can change the font style and size of your chats.

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