Clash of Clans – Top Most Wanted Strategy, Tips and Tricks

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In order to succeed in this highly played game on mobile devices, you will need to read a lot of articles over the internet, in order to gather as much data as you can. This way, you will understand the game faster and better and you’ll crush your enemies with ease.

1. Making other players quit

A lot of Clash of Clans players quit the game when they see that they are too weak to play it. This is not a reason to be sad, because you will be able to farm their resources with ease and you will be happy when you will be searching for some free resources and find an “abandoned” village.

Recognizing the inactive players


The tombstones will show you where other troops died before. Tombstones are usually being removed by players, because mostly you will use them in order to guess where the traps are and where the village is more vulnerable. An active player will always remove the tombstones but keep in mind that there are some active players who don’t remove the tombstones in order to trick you and to make you go straight into the traps.

Builder Huts

An active player will constantly upgrade his village and to do that he will need to keep the builders busy. Watch for builder huts that are in “zzz” mode. If all the builder huts are in that mode, it is most likely that the player left the game, or he’s being away from computer for quite some time.

Gold Mines

If you see full gold mines, this means that the player is inactive. To know how full a gold mine is, you will need to understand the graphics. When a gold mine is full, you will see a lot of gold around it, showing how “full” it is.

Getting resources easily from abandoned villages

The resources that can be stolen from an abandoned village are mostly in the collectors and mines, which are very easy to get, because those buildings are usually never protected.

2. Timeout for inactivity on your device

When you don’t have an active shield and you are logged out from your device, your village is vulnerable to attacks that can be quite brutal and can let you with your storages empty. There are a lot of strategies to defend your village, but none is better than being connected to the game. While you are online or when you have an active shield, nobody is able to attack you. By default, after 5minutes of inactivity, you will be automatically logged out from Clash of Clans. This is good for your device battery but you will most likely lose a lot of resources. So, in order to continue to stay online, you will have to move around and do something in the game every 5minutes.

3. Collectors vs. Storages

It is good to constantly check your elixir collectors and gold mines and move the “collected” resources into storages. You want to this because:

  •  there are not so many storages as your collectors
  •  your storages will be more protected than your collectors
  •  your storages have a cap limit of resources that can be stolen in a raid, while collectors don’t have any cap.

With other words, every time you move the resources from your collectors to your storages, you are increasing the percentage of resources that can’t be stolen.

4. XBow

This nasty defensive building can destroy your entire army. To easily encounter it, you will have to know when to attack and that’s when the visual aspects help a lot.

Empty XBow

When you notice that there is no “elixir canister” attached to the XBow, this means that the defensive unit is not armed and you will be able to attack it without taking any fire from it.

XBow’s Angle

XBow has two angle settings, which will allow it to attack only ground units or both ground and air units. When is in the straight level, the XBow will be able to target only ground units and your Balloons, Minions, Healer and Dragons will have nothing to worry about. Keep in mind that when the XBow is set to attack only ground units it will have a larger range of action. However, when the XBow is a little bit angled up it means that it can attack both ground and air units, but it will have a smaller range of action.


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