Angry Birds vs Flappy Bird – A Never Ending Debate

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Angry Birds and Flappy Bird are two different games with different approaches, but with one goal; to make Birds thrive.

Birds are the protagonists in both the games and they have earned some big bucks for their developers.

Flappy Bird designed by a Vietnamese Developer went on to generate revenue of 50,000 US Dollars, in a day. Meanwhile, Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds was also creating waves in the sea of success. Both the games were instant successes. Angry Birds still continues to enamor players, while Flappy Bird suffered a bad luck and was pulled down by the developer a few months ago.

The History behind the Games

Flappy Bird was developed by the Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen in his spare moments. He used to work on the concept of the game after his office work. The game was launched on 7th May, 2013. The game was an instant hit among people of all age groups. The simple interface and the innocuous difficulty of the game made it a rage among people.

On the other hand, Angry Birds was developed by Rovio Entertainment. The game was also an instant hit; people were too happy playing this game. The sweet interface and cute characters made this game a hit among children. The game was released with lots of advertisement and clamoring campaigns. It soon went on to be the one of the most downloaded games ever. The game was also developed for Macbook and other desktop operating systems.


People were always looking for time, in between their work and classes, to play this game. The challenges of Angry Birds and the difficulty of Flappy Bird, were too tempting, to be ignored. There’s no parameter through which the level of addiction can be measured.

The Differences

Angry Birds is still available on various online platforms. Rovio Entertainment kept working on the game and kept releasing newer versions of the game. While the developer of Flappy Bird pulled the game down citing personal reasons. The developer went on record and said that the game has ruined his life. Flappy Bird was pulled down and on the other hand Angry Birds kept facing stiff competition from various newbies in the field. Angry Birds has kept its position intact by introducing new changes and challenging levels into the game.


This debate is inconclusive; people will keep cribbing and talking about the same. Both games are high on addiction level and have graphical user interfaces that go with the games and provide the games with the requisite aura. If every nuance of both the games are kept under strict vision and compared, then it will be impossible to reach a consensus on which is better, but as of now, Flappy Bird is no more available on any online platform and Angry Birds seems to win the battle.

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