Angry Birds – Here’s How to Win the Mighty Feathers like a Pro

Angry Birds – the gameplay that has ushered a totally new angle to killing time, takes you through an entire episode with its attractive graphics!

Aiming at a specifically mentioned set of hassles takes your set of birds from one basic level to the higher, thus letting you score the highest. To crown yourself with the highest star rating of 5, you can follow these tips and tricks and get your bird flying higher.

Let’s spruce up this bird game like a pro.

Strive and you shall Seek

When you have been hitting at your enemies, you might come across a time where you might not know which angle you should stick to. Help is around you. It is wise to browse through walkthroughs while you are struck up completely. The internet is the wealthiest place which can show you out of problems – so hang on, and seek help!

Angle Differently – Literally

While you have been knocking down structures in vain, take a plunge. Try different angles even if you end up failing. It is always okay to hit the repeat button – it is after all a game! Repeat your efforts and learn from your mistakes. Keep trying innovative and wise angles and you will end up knocking down the structures like a pro. You can carry forward these ideas in your next levels too.

Understand your Birds

Even before you start playing; it is essential to have an understanding of how each character in the game functions. Each role play in this game has a unique power and character. Thus, studying your birds well will help you put them to maximum use depending on the play. It is also important to study the weakness of every character, so that you can have full control over your game.

For instance, let’s do a small study on the Yellow Bird’s speed – it is known for its speed while you tap the screen while it is still in air. When you have to reach a far off tower or structure, using this bird will do you good. Another advantage of this bird is that it strongly against wooden structures and will not break down easily. So while you are targeting a wooden structure, using this bird will help tear through the wood.

Studying about Black Birds reveals that they are more of bombs than birds. While you will have to explode concrete structures, go for the black.

Then comes the White Bird – this one can drop one egg in the form of a bomb and you can use it for total destruction. When you find your target hidden low between the structures, go for this bird. It will hit down your structure at once. Also, have you noticed that after the white bird shells its egg bomb, it accelerates to great distances? This is almost ‘one stone for two fruits strategy’. While you will have to hit down on a nearby hassle along with the earlier structure, use this bird to your advantage.


Remember the Move

Since this game is all about lucky angles, take a note of your finger position when you have launched a successful bird. Repeat it when you have another unreachable target and you will go bingo!

Luck Lies away from your Angle

Thinking outside the box, angle wise, is another tip to this gameplay. At times, when you reverse shoot the birds, it flies to different angles. You could use this reverse move to reach unreachable targets. Creativity is what you can explore to the maximum in this game!

Once in a while you’ll find yourself flawlessly hitting unreachable targets in a single shot—yes, luck also plays a major part in this game. Though quoting luck as a game trick might be frustrating to look at, that is the point. All it takes is luck at times to put the smile back on your frustrated face.

Beat the Anger with Fun

One thing that you have to hold on through the game is that it is just a game. And to get worked up with just a game is silly. A game exists to drive you of tension; though the name is Angry Birds, you will have to win over it with fun. You play for relaxation and not for competition; so have fun!

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