Watch Dogs Now Lets You Drink Easier and Hack Friends

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It was funny when Watch Dogs got released and, instead of focusing on the larger part of the game play, people were actually complaining about the drinking game.

The in-game adventure was a mini game that asks you to drink and aim using your analog sticks. Just like how so many different stuffs are incorporated into Grand Theft Auto, Ubisoft decided to make their own open world game and came up with this idea. But, when they tried to make things too difficult, players got really annoyed. The new update promises everyone that the drinking game will be more forgiving and wouldn’t be as insanely difficult as it used to be.

Besides, a slew of other patches, bug fixes and feature additions have been made to the game as well. Watch Dogs was one of the best-selling games in Ubisoft’s history and the company officially declared that it has easily surpassed the lifetime sales of Assassin’s Creed III. They are most probably busy creating a sequel to the game, which we expect, will be revealed, during E3 2015.

Hack Friends in Multiplayer

Apart from fixing the extremely difficult and annoying drinking game in Watch Dogs, the development team has also made a few changes to the multiplayer matches. Once you update your game with the new file, you will be able to hack into your friends’ accounts, but this feature can be turned off in the options menu. Some people don’t prefer being stalked, even if they know the other person. So, the team has allowed them an option to say no to it, if they prefer.

Similarly, the ctOS matches over the web, will not close down, if a player who’s on a mobile device disconnects the game. There have also been some changes made to the notoriety levels achieved online. Players try to disconnect the game, if they find themselves losing, which has been a constantly annoying multiplayer habit. Ubisoft wants to curb this and have changed it in a way that anyone who disconnects will be awarded none, while the person who’s playing will be given full points, even without winning the match. Sounds like a fair deal, indeed.

Supports AMD Better Now

The game Watch Dogs will not support AMD cards better, which was another constant complaint from players. There has been this cold war going between Nvidia and AMD who tries to optimize specific titles for their graphic cards. Such methods will eventually affect the industry; but we hope that they don’t continue trying to have exclusive technologies to themselves. The new AMD update 14.7 beta can be downloaded from the official website, which will provide a smoother game play experience on both single GPU and multi-GPU setups. For people who are using AMD crossfire technology, there will be some frame pacing improvements to look forward to. Apart from the ones stated above, there will be a new option to restart Gang Hideouts and Convoy missions on all platforms. The option will let players replay the missions to score higher and increase the longevity of the title.

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