Minecraft PS4 – Expected Release Date in August 2014

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A recent online listing claims that Mojang will publish Minecraft PS4 edition and it will be available for purchase on August 29th.

While such listings are usually considered to be pure speculation that sellers create to keep the game trending, this release date strongly coincides with the one specified by Owen Hill in the official blog. The representative clarified earlier that they are planning to bring out in the second quarter or third quarter of 2014. He added that the PS Vita version and PS4 might not be released together because the development cycle is different. They are rather planning to bring them out separately as soon as the process is over.

Retailer Listing Spotted

The release date was very vague because waiting for a game within a time span of six months is kind of too much to anticipate but Hill replied that they didn’t want to disappoint players by changing the dates in the future. They rather prefer to be vague and come up with a surprise announcement once it is ready. The online retailer Game Seek has listed a date in the month of August which could vary anytime but at the moment this is the only piece of news available. The upcoming E3 2014 conference definitely has huge anticipation over it because it will be the stage on which Mojang is expected to make some announcements and Sony has added that they have plenty of good things to show during the massive event.

The next gen console has launched and a title like Minecraft PS4 definitely has the potential to boost its overall sales. The product has been shipped to over 7 million users and is on a strong run. It got Infamous Second Son recently and players are looking forward to some definitive titles in the upcoming months. The open world sandbox game will definitely be a worthy addition which is why the publishers have decided to go with retail boxed version. The sales trend of the title on the older generation platform confirmed the eagerness of fans and it is only expected to abound with the higher processing power of the new console.

No Bundled 1.06 Update for PS4

However, when the game launches on PS4, it will not have the 1.05 update and 1.06 update integrated into it. The game developers confirmed that players will have to manually download them from the digital stores after the launch date. All the other updates associated with the 1.04 will be there including the Ender’s chest, trading with NPC villagers, emeralds, invisibility potions, and carrot on a stick. The texture packs such as city textures and the plastic texture pack are expected to look gorgeous in 1080p resolution which Minecraft PS4 is capable of rendering. The resolution is all the rage at the moment and even though the game doesn’t have an actual graphics to look forward to, it will definitely look crisp and appealing with the new edition. You may have to wait months before you could check it out.

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