Batman: Arkham Knight – A Combination of Action, Adventure and Heroism

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is back with yet another Batman game, this time packing in much more action and adventure for the Batman freaks.

Batman: Arkham Knight is an upcoming action-adventure video game played in the single player mode and slated for a worldwide release in the year 2015. The game marks the continuation of the Batman saga that was started by Warner Bros., which brought out the first game in this series. This is game number four in the Batman: Arkham series and succeeds the Batman: Arkham Origins game, which was a much loved game among the game lovers. The game is all set to be released on the Play station 4 and the XBox One gaming consoles, besides being released on the Microsoft Windows platform and is based on the next edition of the DC Comics story of batman. The game was unveiled among much fanfare, at a press conference at Electronic Entertainment Expo and the makers were pleased with the kind of attention and applause that they got, from the media and the audience.

Batman – The Background

Batman: Arkham Knight is an adventure game based on the story, which is presented, one year after the death of the Batman’s nemesis, the Joker. Batman is at his most vulnerable point, as he is fighting to come to terms with the death of his tempter, Joker and is also at the peak of his physical and mental capabilities. At such a time, the Penguin, two face and Harley Quinn join together to kill the batman and put an end to his fight against injustice and evil. Meanwhile, others like Scarecrow and the Riddler want to take revenge from the Batman, in their own way. The five present a host of difficulties for the batman and he has to overcome all of them and fight them with all his might, before they cause damage to Gotham City or kill him. The presence of so many characters and being directly based on the comic book story line, makes the game very interesting and easy to follow.

A Range of New Gadgets and Functions

The Batman has been equipped with many new gadgets and can perform a lot many functions as compared to the previous versions of the game. The Batman can literally fly over the city with his cape or glide smoothly and land at any place. The batmobile has been customized to include many functions like firing, detaching, automatic calling during flight and maneuvering during demanding situations. A number of gadgets and weapons have been added which make the fight scenes more fun.

The addition of so many gadgets and functions has turned the game into an enjoyable extravaganza, mixed with adventure and action. The role of the Batman is a challenging one and with all the powers and the techniques that he possesses, it becomes worthwhile to don his role and fight the enemies in the game. The game is expected to be a major crowd puller when it is launched later next year.

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