Top five Frightening Stories You Will Get to See in Fallout 4

Fallout is a popular game title from Bethesda Studio.

The game is known for its tangy humor and terrifying settings. This game is all about some disturbing consequences of post-nuclear war, unethical lab experiments, and mutated creatures. For gamers who love to play in a nightmare like environment, this game is their ultimate destination. Let’s take a look at the top five disturbing stories of Fallout 4 that have taken this game to the top of the scary titles.

Doctor Borous and His Beloved Pet

This story is all about a mad scientist and his true companion Gabe. Once a normal dog, Gabe is now a monstrous cyber dog resulting from extensive research by the psycho scientist. There is a tragic story behind Doctor Borous’s evil works. He was bullied by others in his childhood. The loneliness and ignorance of others made him a scientist with an evil mind. You will meet him in the Big MT research lab and your mission is to get rid of Gabe – the monster and set his poor soul free.

Inside the Dunwich

All the Fallout 4 players must remember this scariest in-game building. The Dunwich villa will be there in the next installment of the title. The place is horrifying due to the glimpses from the past. The audio logs are scattered everywhere and recorded by the old world inhabitants. You will get to listen to the painful sounds of people transforming into deadly creatures. There are creepy secrets everywhere at Dunwich.

The Scary Tale of Doctor Moreau

The scary evil doctor from Vault 8, Doctor Richard Moreau is a dominant force in the world of Fallout. He accidentally falls in a vat full of deadly viruses. Assumed dead, he was left alone in the vat for weeks. Now he is a hybrid living organism that can absorb other living creatures approaching his inhabited place. He can also hack the facility’s network and use it for evil.

Unfolding the Secrets of Andale

When you enter the post-apocalyptic town of Andale, you will face warm greetings from the residents. The horrifying truth is waiting for you at the basement of this sick wasteland town. The residents kill and eat the flesh of outsiders and you are the next prey. The town has a history of cannibalism after the war and formation of wasteland that is creepier as a fact than the actual practice of killing humans for flesh. You will get only one chance to escape the town with a terrifying feeling of getting consumed by the innocent looking inhabitants.

Ghost People in Sierra Madre

They wear dirty hazmat suits. Their eyes are green and always glowing in the dark. The grim looking people from the Sierra Madre are known to be the scariest creatures in the world of Fallout 4. These creatures were previously lame construction workers in Big MT. They were transformed into this scary living form due to the reaction of toxic clouds around the region. The gas has sealed their hazmat suit and as a result, the Ghosts live in a claustrophobic setting without any chance to escape this restrictive world.

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