Baidu Antivirus vs F-Secure – Which Antivirus is More Efficient?

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The internet is a dangerous place. For your computer! Why do we say this? Because there are all kinds of malicious software programs that once thy get into your computer, they can wreak much havoc and you could lose all the files from your hard disk. This isn’t all. The hackers use some programs to steal their victims’ identity and money and they realize they’ve been scammed when it’s too late. The only way to prevent these things to happen is by installing an efficient antivirus program on your computer. But which one is the best solution? In this article we’re making a comparison between Baidu Antivirus and F-Secure.

These software companies have been on the market for 14 years, respectively 26 years, and they claim to have the most advanced protection against viruses.


The F-Secure Antivirus has its origins in Finland. This software can provide real time protection, blocking viruses to get into your computer through infected email attachments, and also it stops other online intruders as well, responding rapidly when it identifies threats. It has automatic updates, it can be installed easily and it doesn’t slow down your computer. To protect your computer for one year, you’ll have to pay 29,99 euros (around 40 dollars) and to have your computer protected for two years, you’ll have to pay 53 dollars to purchase the software.

Baidu Antivirus

The Baidu Antivirus, on the other hand, is free of charge and you can download it from It’s an award winning antivirus software, ranking the first place in some antivirus performance test. It’s recommended by Checkmark, OPSWAT, AV-Comparatives and VB100, which praised the Chinese software for the strength of its security. When you’ll download it, you’ll get a malicious plug-in cleaner that removes over 300,000 malicious plug-ins; a system repair, a network traffic monitor which manages all the running programs, in real time, and a browser protection to protect it from malicious programs that try to change your browser’s homepage.

Now that you found out what these antivirus programs can do, you can feel safer. In our opinion, the Baidu Antivirus is the best choice, because it’s free and recognized by many important companies.


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