Xbox One Vs Minecraft PS4 – New Patch Is Set To Even The Console War

The Microsoft gaming console Xbox One has just received a new update and the company firmly claims that with this in place, developers will have more GPU bandwidth that will allow the console to directly compete with its more powerful rival – PS4.

Months after its original launch, it looks like the company is now determined to reinstate itself back in the console war and make sure that Sony’s PS4 doesn’t wipe them out. Ever since its launch last year, Xbox One got bashed repeatedly for being an inferior platform. Almost all the major titles that landed on the console were running at 900p or less while PS4 managed to run multiple titles at 1080p resolution. Critics and game developers claimed that this resolution is just a marketing gimmick that everyone is using to turn the tide in their favor. But, as a matter of fact, the new Xbox is inferior in terms of sheer hardware power but now as it is too late to change its configuration, the only way that the company could set things right is with software updates. The latest June update has already landed on the platform and it comes with a promising claim.

More GPU Bandwidth For Developers

Besides bringing a whole lot of new features, the update is also said to provide new tools, better performance and flexibility to developers. According to the official Twitter post made by Phil Spencer, the update will be allowing developers to push the GPU to its limits so that they can make their games run with the best possible graphics. In other words, this means that the Xbox One vs PS4 console war could see a significant change when game titles start running in all 1080p glory. A technology website earlier did an in-depth research into the console and said that Microsoft chose to reserve at least 10 percent of its system resources for Kinect. After removing Kinect from the bundle and changing the price of the console to $399, it looks like the company will finally allow its hardware to be completely dedicated to the games. When developers have the necessary tools and the resources to build their games, they can easily bring out the best with 60 FPS at 1080p, which has been the claim that PS4 has been making continuously all these months.

More Games and Better Power

Without a doubt, better games on the platform, and some must have exclusive titles, could easily save the console from losing the battle. A long list of games is being scheduled for showing during the E3 press conference. Microsoft has been doing everything under their power to sell Xbox One consoles and retain their position in the market. It is the upcoming gaming expo that is going to decide the future. Stay tuned to your page as we will be bringing all the latest and greatest gaming news as they are revealed during the event. It’s going to be one of the best E3s in recent times.

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